Tuesday, July 16, 2013

More of monkey business

Who said people queue up only for apple before the stores open? :D

Speaking about monkeys, at last I watched Vishvaroopam and couldn't get over this passing comment made with brilliant timing, comparing and contrasting monkeys and men. I am not posting the comment here because I will be accused of posting something which is borderline vulgar and insulting my own kind, but in case if you didn't catch it, slow down and read the subtitles during the part where the old lady curses Kamal and his gang visiting the village after its bombed! Kamal the legend :D

Sunday, July 14, 2013

Portrait to pets

I have this unwavering belief that a lot of skills can be learnt by reading books. Sometimes ( others accuse that it is always the case) I used to push this a bit too much. The latest thing I wanted to learn was portrait photography. So I again seeked the only way I knew to learn, found a book and from last Thursday had been immersed in it. But the issue turned out, it was a bit like learning to swim without getting in to the water.

I couldn't find a guinea pig to be my model. So the only beings whom I could control were these two unsuspecting innocent kittens. So ended up saying bye to portrait photography till I manage to con someone to be the model and now started to claim that I wanted to learn pet photography!

We look away!

We look alike!