Saturday, March 31, 2012

Kandukondaen kandukondaen - Movie

For some weird reason although I had been listening the songs of the film Kandukondaen kandukondaen on a daily basis, till today I haven't watched the film. Better late than never so I watched it today. The opening scene of the movie, could have been easily made in to something else, but the director chose to have a totally unnecessary and confused message.

Leaving that out scene I think the rest of the movie was good. Unlike in most Tamil movies this movie had a clan of big names in it, but strangely for me the main and memorable role was played by Tabu. Her acting was a cut above the rest. While the others at times over acted, her acting was just perfect and she was the soul of the movie. I know for Aishwarya rai fans, they would just sit and watch her screen presence itself, but for me she was not the heroine of the movie.

The movie has some of the all time great compositions of AR Rahman. The cinematography adds perfect colour and at large the movie is a treat to the eyes and ears. I am sure that the songs of the movie would continue to re-play on my devices for a long time to come! I shouldn't have missed this movie for so long if you haven't watched it believe me its worth watching.

Thursday, March 29, 2012

Google's initiatives

The internet giant seems to be doing some impressive work. They might have been doing these for some time but I got to know them just today. Today I started off the day by reading about the tech city campus set up in UK by Google. It just the type of set up we dream about in having in Jaffna. But seems like Google has 'gifted' it to England in its own pursuit to become another Silicon Valley.

That, I read in the morning and then in the evening when I was reading "Thursday report" by JK, I came across!home. A project by Google to build a digital archive for Nelson Mandela. A really good initiative for a great personality!

While I was at school, we got a new school archive. It was a great concept and it became almost like a sacred place where years of school tradition were in display. For old boys entering the room itself used to bring moisture to their eyes.  Inspired by this physical archive, when I was handling the College web site I tried to initiate a virtual archive of Trinity College, it didn't materialize but when I saw this google project I was just thinking - if ever its to be created it should be classy as this!

Probably a archive or online digital archive management system is a good open source project for people to work on!

Wednesday, March 28, 2012

ySchool - An academics perspective

Some times, we the people in the industry have scant respect for academics perspectives. We try to equate them for being people who are stuck with theories. We at times do not even believe that there is a mutually beneficial association which can be formed with them. If you observe carefully, a larger part of Sri Lankan industry doesn't actively engage the academics in the process of product development or strategies. Yesterday was a good lesson which I learnt, on how narrow minded we the industry practitioners are.

You would know by now that at Yarl IT Hub, we started ySchool an open source project. Day before yesterday I was having a call with Uthaya, who is currently reading for his Phd in US. The conversation was around ySchool and all of a sudden out of no where, he said - "aren't you guys building data mining tool on top of this"? I was like, "What kind of data mining can you do on this". Then I got this beautiful lecture on describing how data mining can be used on a school management system and how that could be used to help in giving a better education to the students. He himself wanted to take this part of the project under him and help/mentor to build the data mining model.

I do not want to spoil the research topics by putting it out here, but I would say, for the people who are going to work on this - it would be once in a life time opportunity and a possible publication opportunity. I feel that some super exciting times are ahead on ySchool!

Now this is the very reason why industry should work with academics, they can bring to table perspectives we miss due to the narrow mindedness which had crept in to our systems by being in the industry for years!

Join the yschool project now by filling in the form at click here

Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Vaagai sooda vaa - movie

Totally randomly I got to watch the movie vaagai sooda vaa. Although I was not in a mood to watch a movie at that time, the script was good enough to keep me engaged. It was a nice period film ( I guess set in the 50s - 60s ). The sets the effects and the story line were simple but effective.

The movie didn't have much suspense or thrill, it was more a nice portrait of a poor village in 60s. The message was compelling and the film indeed lot of justice to the message that it wanted to convey - that was to eliminate child workers. Although from a movie perspective it lacked the little bit of spice to it. Could have been a bit more enthralling perhaps. Now this was the opinion I had about the movie and then today I did a google to read about the movie and surprisingly its a national award winning film. It has won the best Tamil feature film of the year award for 2011.

Now that was a big surprise, I accept I cannot think like a critic, I never thought that it would win such acclaim, but then when I watched "who wants to be a millionaire"  I never imagined that it would sweep all the Oscars.

Monday, March 26, 2012

Pera uni from the 'top'

Akbar bridge, gym, pool and parts of arts faculty

Galaha junction, Gala road and Science faculty

Sunday, March 25, 2012

Relaxing behind barbed wires

One of my recent favorites. As in the case of most of my pictures, this view I accidentally noticed while I was laying down on the floor.

Saturday, March 24, 2012

Yarl IT Hub – ySchool internship program

ySchool internship is a part time opportunity for IT students in Jaffna to contribute to an open source project , get exposed to an industrial level software development experience and to get a hands on training from Software experts.

Do you have the following,

- Eagerness to learn 
- Good analytical skill
-  Time to commit at least 16 hours of your time per week to work on this project

If you answer yes, for all the above questions – This is for you! Do not miss the opportunity! Fill this form now!

Short listed candidates will be called up for Skype interviews.
Remuneration:   Negotiable 

Now this is a serious opportunity! Do not miss it!

Friday, March 23, 2012

Killing lincoln

In the last few months by some strange coincidence I had been reading books which has association to death. The names include death by meeting, Steve Job's biography, Tuesdays with Morrie, who will cry when you die and the add to that illustrious list now I have, Killing Lincoln.

I just saw that it was a book on history but appears on the ny times list of best for 2012. Although its on American civil war and one which happened long time back I couldn't stop drawing parallel to our recent history. The resemblance were striking, similarities of the cases were not something I couldn't ignore and at the same time I couldn't ignore the difference in the way similar cases were handled. The divide there was between North and South. Both forces went through reversed fortunes and one eventually won.

Lincoln the shrewd strategist, partially for economic reasons and partially in the best interest of the country avoided his usual war time rhetoric and struck a code of reconciliation as soon as the war ended which was a strategic decisions which changed the course of American history forever.

The passage from the book which continues to echo in my mind for days is the following phrase,

"Lincoln hopes for a certain pragmatic leniency toward the southern states, rather than draconian punishment. " Seriously that thinking itself shows how he was destined for greatness, though he would fall a victim to a assassins bullet a few days after the win.

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Thursday, March 22, 2012

My first Refresh Colombo

I arrived in Sri Lanka in the early hours of today and hardly pulled my self out of a quick nap to go to office in the morning. For the last few days I had been deprived of my sleep and in total for the 4 days, I would have slept barely 10 hours. So when I walked in to refresh colombo I was praying that I wouldn't fall asleep. I was so concerned about falling asleep I told one of my colleagues to check whether my eyes are closed and if it was, for him to kick my chair. His work was cut out and the session turned out to be interesting or rather refreshing, so that my sleepiness disappeared!

It was nice to see a lot of tech enthusiasts there. For me the session on payment switches was interesting, I wanted to probe with a lot of questions on the mobile wallet guideline from CB and the paypal integration. Unfortunately since I was part of the next session , I didn't feel like asking questions. But being a guy who had worked on payments for a while now. I was happy to listen to what was the plans for SL. Still I wish and pray the regulators will have more sense and deregulate it to allow competitive forces.

 The hackalthon announcement was good, and really happy to see the venture capitalists coming to the Sri Lankan picture. I am curious to find out how some of these VCs can be connected with the Yarl start ups to and business models they work on.

 Right after the session I was glad to meet indi, I have had mail contact with him and but this was the first time I met him in person. A few months back on mail when he mentioned about Refresh Colombo I asked him "what is it" and a couple of months later I myself is at one of those sessions.

The organizers are doing a great job on this and they deserve an accolade for this. May they go from strength to strength and would serve as a launch pad for the techies.

Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Intrinsic value of a person

Have you noticed people who are confident and quiet sure of their own personality, the type of people who would not be scared to do what he believes is right instead of thinking what the others around would think. These are the type of people whom I call as people with intrinsic value.

They might not hold titles that would give you a jitter - they are usually leaders without titles. But their approach and confidence is capable of pursuing the others around them to follow them. For some they would look like mavericks, others would see them as solen headed, but if you look beyond the usual glare of their eccentricity these are the people who could change the world and leave a dent. When it comes to recruitment for a leadership position, always look to see whether if the person does have an intrinsic value! That's rule number one, all the rest is second.
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Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Beyond language

As soon as I step out of the airport in Jakarta I meet this very pleasant and extremely chatty lady at the cab reception desk. After she gets the taxi arranged, she asks me where I am from? Even this question she can barely put across, but after some stumbling I understand her question and reply, Sri Lanka, she replies "oh Australia". I corrected "no I am from Sri Lanka". Then I asked her whether she has heard a country by the name of Sri Lanka, she gives me a sheepish grin and says "No".

Then she wants to show her smartness and says, "Close to Hindustan?" I ask "you mean India?". She replies "yes". I said that was a good guess! She then said, the only thing I know about India is "Shahruk Khan". Then to find out she has a hindi movie craze. She can barely speak english, I doubt that she understands english sub titles or any hindi. But still seems to have crossed the language barrier on this.

After this incident I went around my work after forgetting about this. Few mins back I stepped into a taxi. He was tuning his radio and on one of the channels they were playing something which sounded like "aaroomalae" song, I wanted to tell him to let that song play. But I didn't, but to my amazement the guy himself reversed the dial in his radio and stopped at that song, the song was indeed aaroomalae. He didn't understand a word but was enjoying the music. Cleverly after that song he opted to change the channel.

Seems like Indian artists had done a world of good to reach people whom wouldn't have been accessed by usual means. Art beyond language!

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Monday, March 19, 2012

Sun sets in Hantana

Usually when it comes to taking sunset pictures at the time of sunset we are supposed to turn the camera towards the sun. In rare cases turning the camera in the opposite direction gives a better feel. Before this I had this weird experience at Sarankot where we had to look in the opposite direction of the sun set. 

This time it was Hantana, where at sunset time the Hantana peak was glowing with vivid colours. That blue is not due to color saturation but it was the real effect. 

Sunday, March 18, 2012

Cat's story in pictures

After hours of walking we reach the peak of Hantana and we see this cat living happily at the peak. I soon as he saw us this is what he did,

suicide attempt 1
Another suicide attempt. This time it was the  tail first.

Then he decides to live and take a career in modelling
ok, now I Know to strike a pose!

Saturday, March 17, 2012

On Hantana peak

I should be ashamed to say that I had not hiked to Hantana after being so long in Kandy. Anyway no longer anyone could laugh at me for this!

Today we did a hike and the weather gods for some reason decided to be kind to us. We went around following the arrows all along the way. Made a wrong turn and eventually ended up at a peak on the mahakanda end. From their onwards went through to the other peaks and finally to the Hantana peak. As a hiking experience it was a nice experience to go through a diversified set of landscapes including pine trees, grass lands, rock climbing, finally a dirt track too.

I would say it was more the journey than the destination that matters on the case of hantana. No wonder all the new comers to pera are taken here, your guess is good as mine. Let me put up photos in following posts.

Now all I need is a good wash, a packet of vintogeno and sleep!
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Friday, March 16, 2012

Yes! Book review

Recently I bumped in to this book with the weird name, Yes! - Yes!: 50 Scientifically Proven Ways to Be Persuasive. I didn't know what to expect, but it was a different kind of book. Written based on psychological experimentation.

I would rather think for a person in Sales its a good to read. It will help to analyse the customers thinking and play the right card at the right time. It is always a blessing to be knowing what probably is going through the other peoples mind and this gives a rationale for analysis. My reason to read this books derives from the interest to read about common things happening right in front of our eyes and give it a scientific view point.

Although the book lacked a complete reading experience in parts it was giving good details. I had been told by a few people I should have rather read the same authors book called as influence and not this. Anyway probably I will pick that too and give it a try very soon.

Thursday, March 15, 2012

Aiyirathil oruvan movie review

Today I am in no mood to blog. But from morning I had been reminded about 15 times of the movie Aiyirathil oruvan and its climax scene. When I watched it few years back I was puzzled, but now things are more clear and I know what others had known long time back.

With time I had come to admire the director and script writer Selvaragavan. His research and effort that has gone in to build that movie is immense. It leaves me still wondering - how come he could do all that!

The songs of this movie are now master pieces for me, I had been listening to them like an addict who is out of control. I'd rather go and get the movie and watch it again. I am sure I can make more sense of it now.

Wednesday, March 14, 2012

End of print encyclopedia Britannica

When at school I had too many questions to ask and one of my teachers told me to go and find out the answers in the library. First I tried the dictionary, but it gave only the meaning but not the detail. While I was walking around trying to find a book, which would explain the term, our friendly librarian had been observing me walk around aimlessly and came up to me and asked me, what was wrong with me. So I shyly explained to her that I had find some reading material for the list of terms I had. Then she took me to the remote part of the library which had all similar looking well bounded big books. She taught be how to look up the volumes and then find the word I wanted to check on. This was the first introduction to encyclopedia Britannica.

Before this I always thought that the children's encyclopedia was what is called an Encyclopedia. But from this day, whenever I wanted to find out about something new I paid a visit to this remote corner of the library. It was the google or the wikipedia of our childhood days. Today when I read the news item that encyclopedia Britannica will no longer be printed. I got a bit of a shock and started to become all too sympathetic about it.

Then it dawned on me that they are probably making the right decision and embracing realities of the digital age. Probably they should have done a bit earlier than now. Probably before wikipedia and google exploited them with a disruptive technology. But the technology cycles are so fast and specially when it comes to disruptive technologies are so fast that you do not realize until it hits you. Britannica was one of the worst casualties of our times.

Tuesday, March 13, 2012

The technology traitors

Paradise is known to be a place which has intelligent politicians. Today we had been advised to stop using all American based products including gmail and google. I think this is one of the best advices even by our standards.

For starters let me try to help you with the full list of technologies we need to boycott from today, facebook, skype, gmail, yahoo, google, twitter, micro processors, iphone, android, hp, dell, intel, AMD, amazon, ebay, youtube. Remember if you are using this even after today that means you are basically a traitor.

Do you want to live with the label that you are a traitor? you don't right? So take the advice.

By the way I am using blogger and other tools like facebook to create awareness among the masses and that's the only reason I am continuing to use technologies like blogger! So I am excused.

Monday, March 12, 2012

Kolaveri to Kony

First it was Kolaveri which went viral online. Now its Kony, the similarity is that both talk about "Kolaveri" when translated reads as killer rage!

The video has started a big debate on "Why after so many years?", is it to make it look like "US forces on ground in Africa to be a peoples choice" and another lot says that "Its all about the new found oil". I have no idea about this guy and the accused politics of this video, so I would rather not take sides. But this again proves the power internet and the modern day social network in making things go viral. This time to make Kony a house hold name!

Sunday, March 11, 2012

Yarl IT Hub - youtube channel

YIT has now uploaded the videos recorded during the event to the Yarl IT Hub video channel on youtube. We were not planning to make a full recording but JK insisted us to make a recording. So did a recording with one of the camera's supporting video recording. Its not complete and its not the best of quality, but atleast its there in parts.

In case if you want to listen to the audio recordings please visit the livestream channel.

Come the next event in 2 months we hope to make sure we have a complete recording!

Saturday, March 10, 2012

Its after 25 years...

The only time I remember a results for the big match was during the Murali and Kalpage era, when I was in Junior school, we lost the match before lunch on the second day. Rest of the matches were all draws. During my school days I had come to the conclusion that big match having outright wins were a thing of the past and a draws were the norm and the biggest achievement was to seize first innings victories.

In recent years all of a sudden Trinity teams performances has always raised hope that "this year" we would break the hoodoo, but we had been agonizingly close but still far. So today thanks to I was following the match and again the boys raised hope, during the follow on the Anthonian score board was reading 26/5 by 2 PM. Felt as if we would be home in time for tea. But when it comes to a crunch game like this these boys pull out stellar performances and Anthonian tail was putting up a nerve wrecking rear guard action. At about 4.30 PM Trinity broke the 7th wicket stand followed it up with another wicket. The time and scores were ticking. The guys were rushing through the over so that they had gone above the mandatory number of overs already. Anthonians were playing for time. They had cut down the follow on deficit to a Solitary run and the time was already 4.47 PM, if they had scored another run that would have made mandatory for Trinity to bat again, which effectively would have made the match draw since the turn around time for the innings was 10 minutes and by that time the clock would have ticked over 5 PM.

Just at the moment when I was left without any more nails in my fingers they took out the final wicket right at 4.50 to register a historic win by an innings and ONE run. It couldn't have been tighter than this. The boys had a super finale to an excellent season by registering the 11th outright win of the season. Spare a thought to the Anthonian tail, they did fight hard and grinded the bowlers. There was this 9th wicket batsman who was left not out without scoring a single run but he has faced 52 deliveries.

This is one of the all time greatest sports teams produced by Trinity. People speak about 56 rugby team and 87 rugby and today 2012 cricket team had joined the ivy league.

Friday, March 9, 2012


Rahul Dravid's name is dominating the cricinfo and other Indian news sites today. For unknown reasons, its hard for me to still believe that Rahul Dravid was a modern day cricketer. For me he is more like a stereotypical nerdy Chess grandmaster. In a team which is full of macho men Dravid was the humble human being who went about his work in a very professional and simple manner. He was the purist test cricketer, I have this eerie feeling that he is one of the last of that breed.

In an era of modern day mayhem in the form of 20-20 the purist like Dravid might disappear. If you love cricket , I mean the longer version of it, you start admiring how well simplicity can work when you watch Dravid play. In two of the miracle matches ever played, Dravid had his own share but as part of his fate in both instance he was overshadowed by VVS Luxman and credit is reserved for VVS Luxman for performing those miracle and Dravid's performance are somewhere in the foot note.

I always felt that he played for the Indian team at the wrong phase of time. He might be the all time second highest run getter in tests, but unfortunately he was overshadowed by the Indian god of cricket playing at the same time.

What I most liked about him was this next door guy kind of image, and not trying to be like the younger generation of Indian cricketers who pretend like a gangster who had just broken out of Jail and walk around flaunting their stardom.

Thursday, March 8, 2012

Six things that you should know about bloggers

The kind of people who call themselves as bloggers are the ones you should be very careful with. When a blogger is around you should remember the following,

1. On days in which they do not have anything to write about, you could be their victim
2. In their stories, if they do not have a villan, your name could end up in that list.
3. Bloggers are too good at coming up with flattering praises and no where near reality. But but but, most people believe them.
4. They are high on imaginations. They live in parallel worlds, very often they make you wonder how come I didn't observe what they observed!
5. Although they are harm less in real life, they do have swords in words.
6. Each of them are different kind of people, but largely most of them are introverts who like to pretend like extroverts.

Wednesday, March 7, 2012

The seat next to the lady

Last Sunday night when I was returning from Jaffna although I booked for a non-AC bus, it turned out to be a bus with AC system and the guys opted to switch it on and off whenever they felt they needed some AC.

Unfortunately for me the AC tank above my seat was leaking and water was dripping from it. So I went up to the conductor and told him the situation. He asked my seat number and then said, yes it leaks above that seat. So I requested to do something for me, he came and wiped the water and went off. After a few minutes it was leaking again. Now I was left without an option but to go again tell him. He came and wiped again and said it wouldn't leak again. Technically there was no way in which this can stop by wiping it out, but he still insisted the same. So this time I decided to go and ask him for another seat. He said no free seats are available. Then when I was returning I observed that there was an empty seat. So I went and inquired from him, that was an empty seat and whether I can take it. He said, its a ladies seat! I asked him what is the difference in a ladies seat?

He said, no men are allowed to sit next to an unknown lady. I was so annoyed, first they had booked in a leaking seat unknowingly and then when there is an empty seat I am being asked to sit in a seat where I get soaked in water. I was seriously mad about it, I had taken even Dubai based emirates airlines and have even had unknown muslim ladies in the next seat, but here even when a seat is damaged a free seat cannot be taken next to a lady!

Tuesday, March 6, 2012

YIT meet up - Cloud Computing - Part 3

After all the entertainment the last segment of the meet up was an erudite panel discussing about cloud computing. Vimal set up the stage for the cloud computing discussion by explaining cloud computing in laymen terms. He took the case of the system crash during cricket world cup finals ticket sales. Then explained why they should have taken the cloud computing route instead of buying hardware which will be used once in four years.

Then Sarves, who is a lecturer from the University of Jaffna moderated a panel discussion with Dr. Charles and JK, connecting from Australia. Unfortunately Uthaya couldn't join in from US, since a tornado ripped the telephone lines off. The discussion was informative and JK's point on the evolution of computers and why today is the time for cloud computing was an interesting observation.

Then they summed up by discussing how cloud computing will be useful for the students and how they could and should reap its benefit. With that the inaugural session of YIT came to a happy ending!

Monday, March 5, 2012

YIT meet up - Analytical game - Part 2

For me this program was the highlight of the whole meet up. Three mind teasers were thrown to the audience. For example one of the questions were,

You’ve got someone working for you for seven days and a gold bar to pay them. You must pay the worker for their work at the end of every day. If you are only allowed to make two breaks in the gold bar, how do you pay your worker? (Assuming equal amount of work is done during each day thus requiring equal amount of pay for each day)

Just in the morning when the questions were shown to the YIT team, we were bit worried whether if anyone will get this right within the given time. That will make the whole program a flop. I told myself that if no one in the forum can solve this we are trying to create the Silicon Valley at the wrong place. 

Then team decided that we will have some hints ready in case of plan B. But at the event we never needed to any of the hints and for all the 3 questions we had multiple people coming up with answers within a few minutes.  I had asked similar questions at many interviews and I had never got answers for the same questions so quickly. It was an awesome feeling and it gave a lot of belief that we are doing the right thing at the right place. That is to try to make "Jaffna the next Silicon Valley". 

The next item was for the experts to do a panel discussion. Will write about that in my tomorrow's post. 

Sunday, March 4, 2012

#yitmeetup video (part 1)

So as promised the yitmeetup was streamed live from Jaffna. We could get about 70% of the program streamed and rest lost due to technical hitch. You could view the recorded streaming at

The program started with Apple's think different video.

Followed by two presentations by Lukshica of University of Jaffna and Saenthan a student of IIS City Campus.  Both described their earliest interactions and undiluted candid, honest of opinion of theirs' on how they feel and see IT. It was a pleasure listening to them, ,while reflecting on how we started using computers ourselves.

Next of course yours truly killed 40 minutes of audiences time in a failed attempt to describe in Tamil the vision of YIT. Yes Tamil, almost 60% Tamil I guess. Then Mathu pulled a neat story out of his hat to inspire people. The story was based on the following video,

Then we had address by Dr. Charles the Head of the department of Computer Science at the university of Jaffna and Mr. Vignesh the Chairman and Founder of IIS City Campus Jaffna. Their words of wisdom and advice to the students was valuable to all the listeners.

Then for me was the highlight, it was the Analytical game, let me write about it separately in another post tomorrow.

Saturday, March 3, 2012

Thank you #yitmeetup

Its one of those days where you go to sleep feeling so happy. The inaugural event of Yarl IT Hub was a grand success. Felt so good and happy to have been here.

A big thank you to Dr. Charles the Head of department of Computer Science at the University of Jaffna, Mr. Vignesh the Chairman and Founder of IIS City Campus and the whole set of participants for gracing the occasion, the people who joined us on the webcast and last but not least the whole YIT team for working really hard to pull it off in grand style.

The response has been overwhelming felt good that we had kept one step in the right direction, but the journey is a long one and now feel confident together we can do it!

Good night! Thank you again

Friday, March 2, 2012

The irony

As I am packing my bags to Jaffna for the YIT inaugural meet up I feel a bit strange and tensed. I feel ashamed that I hadn't spoken on a stage in Tamil for the last 12 years and this is going to be my first talk in Tamil which will be accompanied by power point/projector.

Its strange, although we speak only in Tamil at home but trying to explain ITs sounds strange and for some weird reason I feel more comfortable speaking in English. All the people around me are laughing at what I am trying to do. My sister has over heard me explain my presentation to a colleague and 'complemented' by saying  'Thambi you sound terrible"! But then when has she really complemented me!

Anyway I need to run to catch a bus, so to see the event either join us at the auditorium and if you want sit at home and have a good laugh at my expense join our web cast. ;)

Thursday, March 1, 2012

Yarl IT Hub on blogsphere

With the announcement of the inaugural meet up of YIT meet up. There has been a few blog posts appearing about it. I am listing the links to some of the stuff I had come across.

One of the posts was from one Sri Lanka's best known blogger Indi's post on the meet up click here to read. It had some encouraging words and gives a lot of hope to what we are trying to do.

Next one was from the lady whom I call as "உணர்ச்சி கவிதாயினி  Gowri" - her piece of writing was really cool idea comparing this meet up with Homebrew Computer club's first event. Along with some satire ( I hope that its satire ). click here to read

Next of course is the piece brilliance from JK. Day before yesterday I got a mail saying, I am writing an interview with you - (all this time I had only heard I am doing an interview with people). Then today I get another mail, Thanks for your interview and please find your interview published here. The catch is that there was no communication between these two events. When reading this supposedly my interview, I find that its a type of thing I could have only done in my wildest of dreams to have given such an entertaining but informative interview. So let me live with it ;)

Along with this there will be a live stream of the event and live tweeting on @yarlithub the event tag is #yitmeetup. Do join us as we try to place our first step towards our shared dream of making Yarl the next Silicon Valley!