Wednesday, February 29, 2012


The heading sounds like the prefix of my mother's name, but the post is not about her. Its about Amirtha the vegetarian restaurant in Galle road, Bambalapitya. For me its conveniently placed and had turned in to my daily dinner place. Although I had written about A1 a few times for whatever reason never came to my mind that I should write about this place.

So to full fill the Tamil saying "உப்பிட்டவரை உள்ளளவும் நினை " I decided that I should write about this place too. Its a pretty busy place with a fairly good collection of Indian food items at a reasonable price. On any day I would recommend a person to try an onion thosai and a hot milo. Super combination it is!

But when you go in here make sure you go to the first floor of the restaurant. This area has a board which reads as family rooms, but do not worry they allow even individuals to go and have food there . For whatever reason, for the same price you get different treatment and items depending on where you choose to eat.  I wouldn't recommend the take away or eating on the ground floor,but its definitely worth trying on the first floor. 

Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Preempt - What I learnt from bridge

Bridge is one of the card games which I like and admire most. I am no expert at ir and it was at university that  I got a chance to learn the game. When I got the opportunity to choose between card games, given its one of those days I had a lot of time to kill ( which was the case on all most all the university days) I opted to play bridge.

While learning the game I learnt the word 'preempt'. Its the strategy in bidding where in order to thwart opposition from communicating the strengths of their suites at lower bid levels you jump up few levels. For example when an initial bid is placed at 2 No trump. That's a preemptive bid. At most times it effectively cuts off the lowest level communication levels between the two opponents.

I find the strategy of preempting to be really useful even in negotiation. I find that when you are at a negotiation table or dealing with a customer its always better to tell the truth and preempt the possibility of them finding out the issue. This strategy gives an immediate repercussion but in the long run the trust it creates and the help it does to maintain a better relationship in future is of immense. On the contrary leaving it to them to find out, makes them loose trust in you. So the 'gamble' of preempting is  generally the safest option when handling weaknesses.

Monday, February 27, 2012

Yarl IT Hub meet up agenda

The following will be the agenda for YIT's meet up on 3rd of March 2012 at IIS Campus Auditorium in Jaffna.

2.30 pm - 2.45 pm : Student presentation 01 (Student from UoJ)
2.45 pm - 3.00 pm : Student presentation 02 (Student from IIS)
3.00 pm - 3.30 pm : Introduction to Yarl IT Hub vision
3.30 pm - 3.35 pm : Address by Staff representation 
3.35 pm - 3.40 pm : Address by private colleges representative
3.40 pm - 4.00 pm : Analytical game 
4.00 pm - 4.30 pm : Panel Discussion on cloud computing
4.30 pm - 4.45 pm : Networking

So please do join in to enjoy the session. Even if you want to join in the web stream please register at

Sunday, February 26, 2012

YIT Meet Up

The inaugural meet up of Yarl IT Hub will be held on next Saturday at the IIS City Campus auditorium in Jaffna. The event is expected to have an expert panel discussion on cloud computing featuring prominent academics, Software Architects, Doctoral Students, etc. Along with that there will be sessions done by students from Jaffna, Yarl IT Hub introductory session and some surprises.

Participants will include academics, IT staff, IT students, IT practitioners who  are travelling down to Jaffna for this, well wishers who will be joining as in person and last but not least those who will be joining our online streaming.

I can assure that this is going to be a first of its kind event in Jaffna and make sure you make it a point to join it. Those who need an invite please register yourself at for those who wish to join the online streaming please send in your details, since we have to plan the streaming capacity needed.

Saturday, February 25, 2012


Governments hate her, insurgents hate, terrorists hate her, at every other place she has been a thorn in the flesh to them, but she seems to have been the only source of light for people caught in the cross fire and now the world has lost that light.

She seems to be one of those rare souls who always thought that she is special and laws and rules doesn't apply to her. Every other place on earth she was capable of sneaking in to places which the warring parties didn't want the rest of the world to see. You can like her or hate her, but you cannot deny that she was passionate in her work and risked her life, eye and limb to do what she believed in. Her achievements span more than 25 years covering a whole lot of conflicts around the globe. After loosing one of her eyes in trying to cover the Sri Lankan conflict, you would have expected a normal soul to hang up her boots ( or is the pen) and be at home at the cosy of television set and become an armchair critic. For these type of passionate people quitting is not an option, their life embodies their passion.

Since the Sri Lankan episode, I had been following her and when ever her name is mentioned I make an extra effort to read the articles. Including the reporting from Libya, Syria and Afghan. I am sure with her a lot of facts and secrets had also been silenced. May her find peace!

Friday, February 24, 2012

When to exit

The world is a strange place, just under an year ago in Indian media the Indian cricket team was considered as saints and Sachin was the god. When non Indian cricket fans thought that the world cup final will be the grand swan song for the legend, indians were talking about him playing another world cup and quitting with another world cup under his belt. Dhoni was being praised as the captain cool and the man with the Midas touch. His IPL team was winning, he won the 20-20 world cup and then the world cup.

Everything looked perfect for India. Then fate or rather the curse of wealth probably hit them hard and we had now seen how gods had gone down to dogs. Sachin's unfortunate circumstance of being stuck on 99 hundreds had left a huge blot on his other wise illustrious cricketing career. People who cannot carry a bat and score a century at a back yard match has taken to social media and ruined the great man's image. I am not a fan of Indian cricket or Sachin, but I strongly feel that he didn't deserve this treatment. Probably the only fault he did was he didn't know when to quit and to do a graceful departure at the peak.

There is this excellent article by Harsha Bhogle on graceful departures click here to read. Couldn't have agreed more, its the fault of selectors who are not making the right decisions and looking at a lucrativeness on offer its very hard for a cricketer to make up his mind to quit, so you shouldn't complain about Sanath! This is the point at which I couldn't stop thinking about Murali's excellent and graceful exit at peak.

Thursday, February 23, 2012

Reading about vegetarians

In a strange coincidence the last two books that I read has had vegetarians in the main role.  One was Steve Jobs the vegan and then the other one Sudhir Venkatesh the vegetarian. Both are written in autobiography style and when they mention about certain feelings which are shared by vegetarians, it makes me feel good. To know that there is some other person on another corner of the world has felt the same. 

When they describe the choosiness of Steve Jobs in feed, I felt an "ahaa" moment.  His pursuit to find the vegan dishes and friends having to compromise and make 'sacrifices' by going to the veg eating places are some of it. In the scene in which a friend claims he should get out of dinner from Steve's place early so that he can find the other eating places still open, was hilarious and similar to some of the sarcasm I have heard. 

The part which stuck me the most was in "The gang leader of the day", where he says, if not for being a vegetarian, probably could have made a few more friends! I was not sure, but it surely made me think. Interesting perspectives. Felt like vegetarians feelings being shared with fellow vegetarians was interesting. 

Wednesday, February 22, 2012

iPad - How intutive is it?

When I was reading Steve Job's biography there was this mention that ipad was so intuitive that even an illiterate 5 year old could use it. I was all taken up by this comment and wanted to experience myself. So when I tried to use it, I couldn't really feel that it was so intuitive. While using it, I just felt like using just another new device.

Being in IT, I had got pretty used to this and accepted this as part of life. So I couldn't make any judgement immediately. But then last week I gave the device to my mother and watched her handle it. She didn't want me to explain anything other than the home button. She even found the apps she needed, and after a few mins she was playing the thabbla application on the iPad.

When I was at school she is the person who tutored me on Maths and other subjects. Computing was the only opportunity for me to turn the tables on her. Thanks to Microsoft's complex UIs in windows and office packages, she had to depend on me to do a bit of 'teaching'. But now with this, my whole value was lost. This convinced me that, iPad has really captured the natural way in which people expect a device to work and built it in.

Tuesday, February 21, 2012

No complains

When you read certain books or watch certain movies while being in certain situations you feel so good about them. You feel as if its an all time great book or an epic movie. Getting immersed in a movie or a book and enjoying it to the max is very much subjective. I just realized it. I read this book "The no complaining rule" and felt so elated, but when I sit down to write a short review of it - I felt that the fable can actually be summarized and presented in 2 pages the maximum.

Anyway given the context in which I was reading  from I felt that it was the best thing that happened to me, to come across this book. On a day when excuses and complaining has become contagious and I was at the verge of catching the virus the book was a good wake up call.

When you read certain books you get eureka moments, and while reading this book for once in life time, I felt good about a "let the person go" decision I had made in the past. I "let the person go" because the said individual had this peculiar ability to come up with 100 reasons why a certain thing cannot be done and unfortunately not a single reason on how a certain task can be achieved. The mind set was engraved in the mind and I found that it was becoming contagious, hence decided to let the person go. The fable also talks about a similar incident and rationalizes such decisions. For people who think that they had got in to this habit of complaining too much than being positive and facing up to the challenge - its a must read!

Monday, February 20, 2012


Usually I have a liking to watch Cheran's movies, specially the once directed by him. Last time when some of my friends persuaded to watch Yutham sei a movie where he plays the main role, turned out to be an anti climax. So when I started to watch muran I didn't know what to expect.

It turned out to be one of the strangest Tamil movies I had watched. A bit of a psycho thriller. Prassanna's acting as the villan was good, initial script was good, but then the movie as a whole was just ok. For people who had read mysteries, the story line towards the end became all too predictable and the feeling of being too long started to kill me towards the end.

After watching this and yutham sei, probably I should be looking for Cheran the director and not Cheran the actor. The movie definitely lacked a wow factor, which I usually expect from Cheran movies, but then this was not a Cheran movie.

Sunday, February 19, 2012

Comparing medico's with IT people

Last few days I had been spending quiet a bit of time at hospital. Seated in a corner, I had been silently observing how medical professionals work and function.I couldn't resist the temptation in making comparison's with IT professionals.

The consultant doctors were more like the trouble shooting people. Just like the guys who go on site and try to trouble shoot, while all the customer pressure and expectations are there. They silently go about doing tests, to narrow down on the problem and figure out what the issue is. They are the brains behind the project. There intuition and expertise they had developed from practice greatly help them in narrowing down the problem. But the biggest difference is that IT people play with machines but they more consciously handle lives.

Then we have the house officers, with due all respects to them they sounded like the IT juniors who we send on customer visits to cover up for the consultant. They seemed to be working as per the process. They go on rounds every nth hour. A patient told me that he had over heard one such house officer tell a nurse "Lets do a quick run around and come" and true to his word after marking register with the patients he was back after the run around in no time. Its not actually their fault just like in IT, a process has been forced upon them and they are sent on assignments where they are not given the full picture.

Then we have the nurses, who were more like the Quality assurance people. They had to take the brunt of work and of course just like the Developers who would always find fault with the QAs here too I found that doctors did find fault with them.

Most importantly, guys at the reception desk were the project managers. Main job was to keep an eye on the till box their and when the consultant gets late or some other deliverable gets delayed, they come up with a creative reason to handle the customer.

Unfortunately in medical profession I couldn't find a damn job for business analysts like me or wait, if you really look through my job is not needed in IT too :D

Saturday, February 18, 2012

Gang leader of the day - book review

While I was reading freaknomics the chapter 3 on,  "Why Do Drug Dealers Still Live With Their Moms?"", was the most intriguing to me . It referred to a research work done by Sudhir Ventaketesh on crack dealers. This name drew even more curiosity since his name sounded like a Tamil name. Then when I read that he has documented his 7 years of life with the underworld I badly wanted to read the book.

So finally I laid my hand on "Gang leader for a day". The book lived up to the expectation. I am sure if I had read the book 10 years back, I would have become a sociologist for sure. Couldn't have been more intimate, interesting and for some weird reason even inspiring, Its one of those books which is a cross between a biography ( JT thought it was his biography, but I thought it was Sudhir's biography), a novel and an academic work. Some of the pages reminded me of the movie Nayagan and another all time classic "God father". But then whenever I remember that this is his own story and not celluloid stuff, it gave me goose bumps.

While reading this I was thinking that how we lack insights in to our own complex social issues and we rely on statisticians who provides us with indexes derived from theory and politicians who are on their own agendas to tell us what the masses at grass root level are concerned about. Unfortunately they are far fetched from truth. Seriously we need Sociologists of this type, who break from the norms and live their research.

I maintain my reading list at

Friday, February 17, 2012

These kids ....

I very often bump in to videos on facebook of talented kids. The clips from super singer program very often leaves me speechless. Sometimes it makes me wonder, how come India gets to have such gifted children, who can do such wonders. 

There are two videos which I like to share, which are samples of the great talents of these kids. First song, I had goose bumps listening to it.

Second one, hearing this kids story and looking at his talent. For a moment made me wonder that their is a superior force!

Thursday, February 16, 2012

Ilayaraja vs Rahman

Today I just heard the mini viral Tamil video teaser for the movie "Neethaane en pon vasantham". It had some sort of magic and stickiness. Going by the reason trend seems like its a good trick to make a non-professional sing it, so that people like me who doesn't have any knowledge of music all of a sudden feel that I can also give it a try.

The strings that are been played were awesome, seems like after "Naan kadavul" we might get some classics from Illayarajah. When I scrolled to read the comments and there was this big argument on whether if Ilayaraja is a better composer or whether if AR Rahman is a a better composer. This is basically a pattern every other time Ilayaraja comes up with a hit, this debate starts. 

I personally feel that its a ridiculous debate by retards. Just get a life, enjoy the music they produce. Both of them are greats, arguably two of the best in Tamil cinema as of now. For god sake lets be happy that we had been fortunate that such great composers has been producing Tamil music and enjoy the journey we are having. 

But then we have this peculiar ability to start such debates involving anyone in the same field.  For example, there is a cyber war on choosing whether the Tamil version or the Telungu version of this teaser is better,

We are seriously too good at finding reason's to start a fight! 

Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Oil story

Last few days oil crisis has been biting all of us really hard. Monday when I stepped out to go to work I couldn't find a bus so had to find a three wheeler to get to office. Then the next day, when I gave 20 Rs for my journey from Bambalapitiya to Galle face the conductor said that's the revised price. I had no clue about the price revision so I assumed that it was right, then I found out that I had been cheated a few rupees.

Then today I see that the Rupee has hit an all time low and the power surcharge is going to be in the range of 15 to 40%. Apparently the stock market has been on a 'joy' ride all the way downhill. Sri Lankan economists had been crying that Sri Lanka is facing the balance of payment crisis. Now people wouldn't remember the famous 'plug' which JVP managed to to remove back then and after 8 years the removed plug is hurting us badly. They threw the formula out and now we see the credit pressure the prices are being increased in leaps. In 2009 IMF bailed us out, this time we need someone else to bail us out.

Funnily two weeks back Khajeel times carried this story, and after reading this I posted the blog Now I seriously think that the middle eastern media knew more than we knew, about the crisis we are about to face. Imagine another price revision if the sanctions too decide to bite us. Interesting times.

Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Power point tip

I was seated next to a graphics designer and watch him work on a power point presentation. Watching him weave magic I realized that one of the greatest tricks to create slides which stand out, was to break out of Microsoft's set layouts.

Select blank layout and start working on it. All of a sudden you would realize that you are the master of your destiny and the whole space is under your control. You would start visualizing Zen like slide sets. I tried to put together two slides on Sayy's 365 within a few minutes. You might not agree that its nice, but you cannot deny that its different!

Monday, February 13, 2012

Airline upgrade tricks

After missing to add up my air miles for lot of my past travels some time back on the advice of some of my colleagues I started to collect up air miles. So when I made my last travel I became a Skywards Silver of Emirates Air lines loyalty program.

All my friends kept on insisting that I should ask for a complementary upgrade when checking in. So although its not something that I had tried earlier I decided I am going to give it a try. So I went in smiled at the lady at the counter and inquired "Hi, How you you doing?" and then tried to be casual as possible and popped the question "Do you have complementary upgrades today?". I am sure she has been asked this about 1000 times she smiled and replied "No sir, we do upgrades only when the flights are full"! So I walked away cursing all of those who advised me to do this. Then I arrived at the transit point, the boarding pass had an invite to the business lounge of the air lines at Dubai but I didn't take the trouble to find where it was. I was loitering in the duty free and then went in for boarding. The lady at the desk said, "We have an upgrade for you"! Was a bit confused whether I got this since I asked or not, after doing a bit of fact finding I found out that, following seems to be the best possible way to get an upgrade.

1. Get in to the frequent flyer program and collect up air miles, more the better.
2. Try to get in to a flight which is full. If its a flight which you get wait listed and then get a seat the chances are even more. Specially if you are a Silver or Gold member you would get priority in the waiting list and then also priority in getting complementary air tickets.
3. Then of course I hear some say, be probably dressed. Which I doubt I was in a pair of bata slippers. Probably more than the dress code, be nice to the crew at the check in counter.

Sunday, February 12, 2012

Mobile Operarators and the Prisoner's dillema

In almost all the market's Airtel entered in to, its strategy was to engage in a price war. It has been a global phenomenon and I see that it has been repeated in all the countries it has stepped in to.  I was surprised to here that  in Kenya all though all the operators slashed prices in anticipation of Airtel's entry, Safaricom the dominant player in the Kenyan market, after watching Airtel's strategy in its market decided to increase its prices recently. Its a phenomenal case, a behavior that's unheard of in the mobile industry. Its probably been the only commodity in the world which has been dropping prices over the years, but here is a strange case where the market leader decided to increase its price and strangely supposedly it didn't have any backlash from its loyal subscriber base.   Anyway its stickiness is more to do with its success in mobile money and having a 70% market share, factors which gives the power to do what it has done.

 So probably it might not be a good reference for the Sri Lankan players to increase the price. But what I always felt was that the operators got them immersed in a mutually hurting price war and in a position of no return as of now. In the Sri Lankan market in anticipation of Airtels entry, other big players slashed their prices. This lead to a huge decrease in the Average Revenue Per User ( ARPU) and the overall revenue of almost all the operators. In away it can be argued that it made the market stagnant.

This behavior has a lot of similarities to the classic game theory problem, Prisoner's Dillema you would see that, when two prisoners are interrogated individually, at the outset the most logical  decision for each of them would be to betray each other. But that's not the most optimal solution for either of them. Sames applies to the mobile operators, they slashed prices in a deadly price war where either of the 'prisoners' benefit. But then as a consumer I wouldn't complain since the call charges do not go up like the diesel prices. 

Saturday, February 11, 2012

I paded

In recent days I had been living in the confusion of buying a phone and two weeks back I almost made up the mind that I am not going for it, but last two weeks of hell without a proper working phone of mine I was again pushed to reconsider my decision. So today during transit I walked in to the Dubai duty free, firmly decided that I am taking home a galaxy note. While I was gazing at it, the sales lady said, "Sir, we are having a special Apple offer today, better have a look at that too. 

Reluctantly I walked over and then to see that the iPad price has indeed been slashed.It was much cheaper than galaxy note! Worse than that for the last 4 hours I was reading Steve Job's autobiography and I was under a spell and curiosity to break open a package of new Apple product packing and to feel the marvel described in the book. In a spontaneous burst of madness I decided to buy it. I haven't done any research, haven't done my usually analyse that I do before I buy products - Just nothing, it was a split of a second decision. 

If anyone is to be given a commission for selling me that ipad it should go to Walter Isaacson and no one else!  

Friday, February 10, 2012

Lesson learnt - Never pass judgement

There was this SL vs India match played in India and an unknown Indian player by the name of "Dhoni" slammed a ruthless century to win a high scoring match. It was a game of absolute power hitting and I was so annoyed with this player when I saw on TV the 12th man bringing a chair and a umbrella so that this player could sit and relax during the breaks. Before this I had never seen this happen and I was cursing him for making  a cricket field look like a beach resort.

Except for Tendulkar and Dravid, usually I hated almost all the other Indian players, since they seemed like men who carried a swollen head. So after watching Dhoni's antics in one of the other matches Yuvraj Singh hit a good shot and was coughing holding his abdomen, I was again shouting at him while watching on TV to either walk off retired hurt or just play the game without acting. I felt all these Indian's were making mockery of cricket. Specially after the IPL gimmicks I stopped believing any of the Indian cricketers.

Yesterday I was reading on NDTV an interview by his father and he mentions that when he saw his son cough and hold his abdomen that's the point he had realized his son is having a hereditary family health issue.  He had been carrying a cancer. When reading it I could remember the incident, I cringed in shame about my ignorance and for passing judgement seated on an armchair. Today when I saw on twitter, he has published a picture  with his shaved head I felt like standing and applauding the courage of the man. Like Lance Armstrong may he also have the courage to make the comeback to the world of cricket and be an inspiration to millions of others!

Thursday, February 9, 2012

The birds

Was two tired to write a blog today, so took out my camera and tried to shoot a few pics. I have no idea what kind they are but they just appear outside my window here.

The Obama style

In recent days I had been trying to analyse Obama's style and at times I am left to imagine how shrewd he is.  Even before he did anything for world peace (or was it to disrupt ) he won the noble world peace price. Probably what earned him the price was his speech or probably the noble prize committee felt that it was a pre offer to him so that he would be a good boy.

Any way he has actually fought more real wars than Bush, but he was no idiot to go and flex his muscles in public. But has been strong on strategy and been result oriented. Look at the case of Libyan war, he managed to put the Europeans in front and kept the American name clean. Almost half the wars and revolutions in Africa and middle east are blamed to be having an invisible hand, while the world contemplates on whose hand it is.

The only place probably he has not been able to bring it under control is in Pakistan, who had not been too nice on this. On rest of the cases, his strategy has given rich dividends and he cleverly has never had the image of a war monger. From an American perspective I guess he is a great strategist, but from the world's perspective - we are yet to find out!

Tuesday, February 7, 2012


On the way to reach 365 consecutive posts, today I touch the 300th post. When I started the 'project' everyday before I wrote my day's post, I would go and check how many people had visited my previous posts. But now I had stopped doing it, the number visits doesn't motivate me any longer. Blogging has become almost an addiction, before I goto bed on any day I remember that I need to make a post. Actually that has brought a bit of discipline in to my lifestyle.

Somewhere in November (click here to read that post) I realized that all my posts are done late in the night and wanted to change the habit, Tried a bit and then made up my mind its better to do it in the night. Blogging has become a way of recollecting my days work and think about the next day. Its the time I spend in absolute solitude thinking, dreaming and imagining different things.

The only thing that I hate about this is that at times I cannot write my heart out. On some days I write a full post and then end up deleting it knowing that I cannot post it in public. Its just that certain constraints are enforced on me and still not brave enough to break them. Probably after this 365, I might not continue to do a post a day but would try to break out of my self imposed regulations and become brave enough to posts things I had been deleting up to now. That's my wish on the day I touch 300.

Three inventions I hate

There are three inventions which I simply hate.

1. Iron
 Who ever invented iron is an absolute idiot. Because of him I cannot go around to places without ironing my clothes. I am one of those people who is forced to spend time attempting to iron my clothes due to social pressure. Every other day when I iron I cannot stop cursing the inventor of the iron. Just imaging a world without an iron box, seriously it crushed and beautiful.

2. Comb
Another thing that you are expected to do due to social pressure is to comb your hair. Very often when I travel I forget to take one. For example for the last ten days my hair has not met a comb and I don't expect it to meet a comb till the 11th! During this sort of times you wish and pray that no one had a comb.

3. Mobile phone
I make a living out of mobile phones and associated technologies. My job revolves around making people use it, but when it comes to my personal life, its something that I hate. Specially when I am in need of some solitude the last thing I want is to hear my phone ring. This is when it makes me wonder that actually life would have been beautiful without a mobile intruding our lives. Seriously there is life outside a mobile device. Probably its not the fault of the inventor we had given too much priority to it, some time we set up meeting with people and while we are during the discussion we would stop the discussion and attend to a call from some insurance company trying to do some online marketing. Hardest part is to learn to keep a mobile where it deserves to be.

Saturday, February 4, 2012

go to hell with ROI

In my last 5 years of industrial work one of the most irritating things that I had come across is the question to "Justify the Return on Investment" or to come up with sales prediction when an certain types of solutions are proposed. 

I fully understand the importance for a corporate to have an eye on the ROI and the revenues, but if you want to exploit certain market gaps you should be willing to trust the instincts and experiment. Just imagine if Mark Zuckerberg was asked to come up with a revenue prediction when he started facebook or if Steve Job's was asked to justify the ROI on the MAC when he wanted to use translucent silica for casing or if some had to come up with the number of  PCs that can be sold in the marketing in 1980's to create a revenue prediction. 

In certain solutions at times its impossible to quantify such values. In most cases these solutions exploit market spaces which had not been exploited up to this point. They might a substantial risk of not being able to open up the desired market space, but if it works out it, gives a unconditional first mover advantage which would out do any kind of financial prediction. What financial professionals should remember is that what ever that's in the book cannot be used for all project evaluations and picking one with the highest NPV doesn't always give a healthy growth to organizations. 


Today I was at a conference and it was a rare exhibition of innovation. It was a presentation in which the presenter kept on reminding me of the great Martin Luther King. He was converting the audience in to fans who endorsed what he said and went through the emotions with him.

My topic is not on that presentation , but an incident during that. The presenter was explaining about a GPS tracking device and how it can be used innovatively in business. Then he said now you can track even your kid! He said "I am sure you can come up with thousand more examples". The smart lady in the first row quipped, "every wife wants to put one of those in her husbands pocket!".  The whole of the room irrupted in laughter, the irony of innovation was not lost - but seems as if that's a market gap that's not being

This week has been the hardest week to keep up the pledge of writing a blog per day. Was not at all in any mood to write and almost decided to quit doing this. Its been a week full of false posts. Today's one is one more to that list. Hope to break away from false posts soon. :(

Thursday, February 2, 2012

Trinity Cricket

When we were at school winning a single match for the season was a big challenge. If a team ended up with all draws without loosing a match the entire season we would take that as a good season. Winning matches used to happen once in a blue moon. We never expected to win, all we wanted was our team to make sure we do not loose the match. College team had players like Sanga and Kaushalya, still we could win only a match or two for the whole season.

But in recent years it has been completely transformed. The boys keep on winning at mind boggling rates. Last season they set up a record for the number of consecutive wins and I thought it was a flash in the pan, but to see they had carried it in to this season. I was just reading that they had registered the 8th out right win for the season. Its phenomenal, specially when we think of our days. I am sure the boys deserve a lot of credit for the commitment determination and the grit they are showing on the field. The brand of cricket they are playing is very positive, in one of the matches against Josephs chasing a first innings score of 286 apparently the team had been trailing at 57/6 and then came the massive partnership of 266 for the seventh wicket. Stuff we hear only the Australians doing. Exceptional stuff.

Anyway while the boys basks on the glory, I think behind the scenes a lot of things had been done to get this process right, including a lot of work from the coach, teachers, the old boys etc. All these people deserve a lot of credit. We hope that we would see more of these kids in national colours soon and more importantly they will be positive minded people who would contribute to the society at large. 

Wednesday, February 1, 2012

The Apprentice

The apprentice was a series that I loved to watch. It was probably the most intellectually simulating tv program for a management enthusiast. The twists and turns the reality show takes would keep me enthralled.  The tension keeps you  engaged and then you are at the edge of the seat when you start feeling that the dreaded word "you are fired" is to be pronounced by Mr. Trump.

The only thing that I didn't like was the wealth flaunting or the chest beating from Mr. Trump. But I do understand that its arguably the most important mileage he gets out of the whole exercise.  Anyway it was really an inspirational program. The biggest disappointment was from the day it was converted in to "celebrity apprentice" it has lost its magic, its become a mediocre program and I would call it just another reality TV series.

If at all any one wants to get this back in order go back to old magic formula and kick the celebrity out of it. I wish they do it soon.