Thursday, March 7, 2013

When imitation became an art

Few weeks back I started using a Samsung 3. It's been working reasonably well, but I haven't still been able to stop making comparisons to the iPhone and the experience of using apple products.

 Funnily when I saw the invite for the samsung S4, immediately what I remembered was the apple invite. My immediate reaction was, can samsung get so monotonous? Don't they have a marketing team which could make an invite which is different from apple.

But then on deeper analysis I started to figure out that perhaps they have done more analysis and wanted to create an add that will invoke memory of the apply iphone 5. Perhaps a comparison of it too... But then apple made a reflection of the number 5 out of 12..trying to make a reflection of four with those cluttered a bit too much.. The other day I was reading a piece of writing which said "They had made imitation an art" - well I cannot disagree.


  1. :) ... I read the title "When intimidation became an art" initially and confused to read the content :D

    "They had made imitation an art" ... it won't be sustainable, but then who cares as long as they get the money anyway.

  2. Not sure how long they can do this. But the catch for apple is they need them to manufacture stuff. So unless they break this supply chain issue. I think this is going to be there for some more time.