Sunday, May 15, 2011

Time to modernize Weddings Rituals?

Whenever I look at a Hindu wedding the fact that strikes me is that someone should update the rituals. Currently you would see rituals like "அம்மி மிதித்து அருந்ததி பார்த்து ", which basically is a ritual where the groom lifts brides leg and places it on an old grinder stone. Apparently its supposed to be a ritual which makes the man come down from his ego and go to the extent of helping her step on it, while in the presence of all the relatives and well wishers. The second part of it is to show the couple arunthathi, its a star visible in the northern horizon of the sky. 

In todays time the ammi (the grinder stone) is  out of use, people find this as an antic and just bring this in for the wedding and today men are without ego, if you ask them to fall on the legs and beg for mercy they might do So i guess its time that this is scrapped.

This star gazing is another bluffing now a days, most wedding happen in broad day lights and how are they expected to see the star, instead groom shows the bride there is the star and the groom acknowledges, it has become the first fooling exercise man undertakes in his new innings. 

Next is the ritual where in some weddings groom and bride throw rice grain and flowers at each other and pour it on others head. This I think was a ritual which was introduced back then since the marriages were underage where the bride and groom were really small and to keep them occupied they were allowed to do this. But then continuing this in the modern age, instead of wasting the rice and flowers, we could probably give them each a mobile and allow them to text to each other or give access to facebook at the manawarai and allow them to use an application to send flowers to each other or put up a giant screen and allow them to play barn buddy with the crowd. :D


  1. So saya, you planning your wedding thesedays?

  2. Men are without ego?? You of all people cannot make that statement unless I see you doing what you say :P

  3. Btw the grinding stone ritual... my mum used to say it's the way of saying the woman is now married to the kitchen ;-)

  4. do u guys also have the same ritual? btw I am GOOD!No Ego!

  5. No we don't... but I do have links to the same race ;-)