Friday, January 27, 2012

confused me, in a confusing world

This world is inherently very confusing. People talk about rationale, being logical, having common sense, etc.. but in real life when it comes to day to day activities most of it is thrown out of the window. These things are beyond explanation and only a human brain can allow us to deceive ones own mind and make us believe that what we had done is right.

For example when we are in a bus we wait for the conductor to give us the 2 rupee balance and if that's not given we feel that he has cheated us, but when we go travel on taxi's we would not only get pay many times more than that as fee and at times end up adding a tip on top of that.

Also take for instance we would go to the market and argue with the vegetable seller on the price to deduct to make a saving but when we walk in to a super market even though the price is clearly marked up we would buy it without remembering how much is being 'stolen' from our pockets.

In certain other things we loose sight of the purpose, one such example is women wearing heals. The main purpose of footwear is to be worn for the safety of the foot. But you would see women wear these tall heals and very often get their ankle twisted or complain that they cannot walk too far because of it. When you say that the purpose of footwear is lost, usually you would hear a whole lot of abuse and be named as a chauvinistic pig.

Its not just at individual level, even at international level the confusion continues to live. Nations which at the outset seems to be at logger heads with each other are usually the nations who are at the top of the list in foreign exports between the two countries.

Westerners (specially the ones who had gone to a western country for a few years) at times complain that in the 3rd world people eat food with hands, while KFC's slogan goes as "finger licking good".

The world is a paradox!


  1. Saayaa,
    Nice article with some truth..

    Women complain that they cannot walk too far because of heels

    Are you going for a walk with a woman in Kenya these days?

  2. Footwear is worn by women for fashion as well, hence heels. The idea is to walk on paved pathways and smooth surfaces :P
    We do wear 'rubber slippers' on rough terrain :P

  3. Sayanthan, this lectures answers it - I think:

    I certainly enjoyed that paradox. I don't know much abt KFC but eating 'appalam' with a fork is a nightmare.

  4. Uthaya ..try thosai with fork :D