Friday, June 23, 2017

4 things I gain by being at YGC Junior

The school children who compete in YGC has continued to surprise and inspire us. Its been a great platform for these children, they had excelled and showcased their talents. I believe that part of the story, describing why it has been good for children is well understood, but what gets overlooked on why it has been useful to me by being there.

1. I learn from kids
It might sound weird, but the truth is - Being an adult (or an old man!) YGC made me accept that I have an 'adulterated mind' and when it comes to creativity it works counter intuitively. Dealing with smart kids, I see them proposing creative solutions to real life problems, which should have been straight forward but due to my prejudices and learnings I had got blinded to the 'obvious'. YGC is a good place to wind off, unlearn and look at the world from the eyes of smart, intelligent children immersed in a time bound problem solving environment.

2. Learnt the introverts way of networking
I had attended countless business networking events and being an introvert, my hit rate has been very limited at converting good sustainable associations there after. But strangely, I find the connections made from YGC has been more long term and sustainable. Being a tech event, perhaps its a place where there is an equal mix of introverts and extroverts! Making it easy for even the introverts to network and it gives you two whole days to get to know more people and expand your network while working for a common cause.

3. Chance to meet a lot of good hearted people
Volunteering brings together people who have a big heart. I find that the need to give your time and energy without a monetary gain in return serves as a natural filter of good hearted people. With all due respect to others who doesn't get to volunteer, just want to emphasise that I am not implying the vice versa of this.

4. I leave with a lot of hope and a bit of self satisfaction
Looking at those children and their creativity, passion and talent, I always leave after YGC Junior with a very positive outlook about the future. It reassures every time that the future generation is much more smarter and capable than our generation and the future is in safe hands. Finally and most importantly it makes me feel satisfied that I had done a small bit to make the future better.

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