Tuesday, February 26, 2013

Icarus deception - You should listen

During the last two weeks I had got accustomed to the habit of listening to audio books during my train and bus journeys. I had always had this weakness of not being a good listener. When given a choice between reading and listening I would always choose reading. But for a change I wanted to utilze my walking time and travelling times in a better way and most importantly challenge my weakness of not being able to listen to stuff.

So the first book I picked was "All marketeers are liars" (since it was quite aptly name ;) ). A piece by Seth Godwin. It was good and I kind of got in to the rhythm of listening to audio books and slowly got in to the groove of listening and concentrating without letting the mind wander. It made me realize the importance of world view and framing stories to fit world views. The book perhaps didn't turn out to be a shake up for me, but it did create a good impression about Seth Godin on me and made me curious to listen to more of him.

Hence I picked Icarus deception, the first 10 minutes was very thought provoking and he did manage to get under the skin. I ended up listening to it for 5 hours on a stretch during the journey. I am probably one of the luckiest people on earth, when ever I get a bit lethargic and loose sense of direction, I get to read and listen to wonderful pieces of art which shake me out of slumber. Starting from Monk who sold his ferrari, Tuesday's with Morrie, Outliers, Siddhartha each of them have managed leave a lasting impression on me and helped me kick start things I had procrastinated for long. To that illustrious list now I will add Icarus deception.

While reading I remembered few friends of mine and wanted to recommend this book to them since I felt they are 'artists' capable of touching great heights and they need a shot of inspiration and this book could just do that to them. So some of you  are going to get 'the torture' from me with my recommendation for Icarus deception. Watch out!

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