Wednesday, February 27, 2013

Where 'gamification' meets advertising

The results of the global mobile awards for 2013 was announced by GSMA at the mobile world congress yesterday and the "Chok Chok Chok" application picked up the awards for the best advertisement and the best application.

Its an application which has been in the news for the last couple of weeks after its stunning success in Hong Kong. It has apparently gone viral and made a connection between the younger tech savy generation with main stream TV advertising. They had deviced a smart ploy in which they combined the concepts of advertising, gamification and augmented reality, but still managed to reach audiences and do the magic work!

Gaining inspiration from this model  I see countless possibilities of applications which can be deployed which could open up a new branch of interactive advertising?! Will this work in other cultures? Are people ready to seize a new opportunity before too much  of it kills the very spirit of it? Who is ready to try it?


  1. Wow, this can lead to a situ where people will actually like advertisements. The challenge is how marketeers would use this technology.

  2. True... it can surely inspire a lot of creative work on the same lines