Thursday, April 28, 2011

Tips for writing Official Mails

1. Always start the mail addressing people, its not nice to send a mail without an addressing section - Say, Hi, Dear or etc followed by the recipients name. Sender/customer might have done it, but trying to reply the same way brings down your own caliber.

2. Add the right people to the TO and CC, don't mix them up

3. Adding everyone in the planet to the CC list doesn't usually help the purpose, recipients usually become very defensive

4. Writing a mail or parts of it in capital is usually interpreted as screaming

5. Making the whole mail bold or writing in giant font size is usually considered insulting.

6. Use the words please, Thank you

7. Start the mail by greeting if there had been some important event for the recipient in the recent past can be new year, award to person or company etc. (If its around the corner you might want to mention it at the end of the mail)

8. When you using Email Signatures make sure the details are correct and they are your own details

9. Read the mail one or few times and see whether if it sounds right before sending it to a customer.

10. Never send mails without a subject line. Always make sure a meaningful subject line is added.

11 Never forward a mail which has been sent as confidential to anyone else

12. Never forward mail threads with past internal communication sequences to customers

I know that its pretty ironical that the man who supposedly personifies the definition of rudeness to say this, but these simple stuff can actually help the people in professional environments specially with customers.

The following Is the Comment by JK on the Buzz for this Blog,

Jeyakumaran Chandrasegaram - 1) The timing of the email. When do you think the recipient would get it? Morning, evening or after hours?

2) Subject should never just be "Hi"

3) Dear followed by Title (Mr/Mrs/Ms) surname. Hi followed by first name

4) Address to the person in the TO list. If many are in TO list use "Hi Both", if many "Hi All" just saying "Hi" considered ignorant.

5) Think if you are the recipient would you understand the content. Don't just dump the information alone. But the flow and explaining the context is importance.

6) Numbered points are nice, so people can give inline replies. Use different colors when replying if possible.

Note: Since we know we are rude, we makesure we don't sound so in our emails!