Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Community Building

In recent times, inspired by the community building activities my company undertakes, I had been reading different community building strategies. A few points always pop up during these discussions, they are creating a tipping point, crossing the chasm etc. These are all books of indisputable caliber and must reads if you want to understand the behavioral characteristics of the communities. Anyway, there is one community building video which I picked on TED talks, never fails to impress me, every time you watch it, I say damn it, its so true.

Believe it or not I was trying to drill home a point with a set of customers, and this was the trump card I used to communicate, it was almost a 3 minute crash course on community building, I cannot ask them to read all those books but I could always make them watch a 3 minute video. This video made my day!

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