Sunday, April 17, 2011

Monkey business

two lil ones
Todays Capture: Two lil ones

Very often people ask me why I take so many pictures of monkeys. These creatures had been around me for too long. My early memories of them are, being about 6 year old and walking around with pebbles in my hand to avoid them attacking me and my amma trying to chase them but they once in a way they somehow manage to steal something from her kitchen.

safely in mother's care

If you look at the small ones you end up thinking that they are cute too. Anyway to take a monkey picture I dont have to go too long, they make the visits and do the posing, if my camera is there its a matter of making the clicks. Thats an advantage of living in a city close to the heart of mother nature ;)

business lookyawn of a monkey!Leaderfood for twoin care

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