Monday, April 18, 2011

Himalayan Heights - Reaching Pokhara

After an eventful day in Katmandu valley, we woke up in freezing cold and Krishna, our guide was already there to take us, we hurriedly packed our back packs and set off to Pokhara. The bus ride took about 8 hours ( i think we started at 7 AM and reached Pokhara at about 3).  It was a decent bus ride, wasn't bad as the reviews sounded. Pokhara was a totally different from Kathmandu, strangely its relatively warmer, its a quieter, cleaner and very relaxing. Basically its not a city, so the people are nice, humble and honest. Unfortunately yours truly doesn't know to ride a bike, but if you can ride a bike, its a perfect place for taking bike rides.

Pokhara at Dusk
Pokhara lake - The way it welcome us

Nepali food perfectly suits me,where ever I go I could always find decent vegetarian food. The dhal bath was the my usual choice for lunch, where you get a serving of rice with dhal and other vegetables. The type of other vegetables you would get depends on the class of restaurant you are eating at. But then remember irrespective of the class of the restaurant Nepal food has a distinct Nepali aroma. Ask JK he will tell about it :D

Serene lake
Pokhara lake - Serene!

Next day we woke up and took a boat ride to cross the scenic pokhara lake and then we hiked to the peace pakoda. We took some pictures of this lake and when I showed the pics to JK, he said "wait I had seen this picture somewhere else" and opened his iPhone to show that apple had a wall paper taken at the same location.

On the top of the peak there is the Peace pakoda, a buddihist stupa has been gifted by the Japanese. From this peak there is a nice view of the himalayan range. Then we made the decent had lunch and set off on the hike to Sarankot. Earlier plan was to make the hike on the following day morning, but Krishna being very sharp at this advised lets go there and try to catch a glimpse of both the sun set and sun rise. peace pakoda

View from Peace Pakoda

So hopefully in the next write up it will be on Sarankot!

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