Thursday, April 21, 2011

Himalayan Heights - Devi's fall

We were told that we were lucky to be there during end of December and being able to view the sun rise and the sun set clearly on the annapoorna range. End of October is supposedly the best period to view the range and starting from December the visibility starts to drop.

Devi's fall
Devi's fall

We made the decent and returned to Pokhara. Had a dhal baath and then packed again to visit the Devi's fall. We walked all the way to Devi's falls. Apparently it's named as Devi's fall in memory of a tourist who tried to look at the falls and ended up falling in to it.

First we went to the upper end of the falls. It was not too impressive, specially for us who came from a place where we have the beautiful water falls, this was below par. The exciting part was to cross over to the other side of the road and go to the underground cave. Entry ticket was relatively bit expensive, so we were wondering whether if its worth to go in, anyway opted to go and see. Walking through a underground passage and watching the water fall through the rocks was an exciting experience.

by the way Nepal is the only country which respects the SAARC, for all tourist locations they have a special rate, I have never seen this in any of the saarch countries i have been to including, India, Maldives, Bangaladesh and Sri Lanka. We made sure we got all the discounts quoting this :D. They even provided waiver for the on arrival visa entry fee for SAARC nationals.

Then the next day we spent the day at the street festival, unfortunately I was feeling sick so opted to take rest, but I was told that it was more like the carnivals that are in Sri Lanka. After a memorable stay in Pokhara we returned to Katmandu and bid adieu to our excellent guide Krishna (anyone who wants to take a trip there get him to be your guide). Next day we set off to the air port and departed to new Delhi.

In the next Episode it will be Incredible India?!

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