Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Happy New Year!

A very Happy New Year to everyone. For non - Sri Lankan folks don't worry its just we Sri Lankans have more than one new year per calendar year. For us Tamils its even a bit worse there is a running controversy to choose which one to call as the new year, Thai, Sithirai or January. But all those are holidays in here :D

I am not too sharp at these traditions, didn't learn it properly in the religion class, but I think it was a tradition where the community got together to celebrate the fertility of the harvest and also it has something to do with the travel path of sun(not the company). When thinking of this tradition, what I realized is that those old communities knew to celebrate an year/period of hard work in style. Look at the way in which they celebrate harvest (in our terminology a  financial year or a project completion). Its some food for thought for people in IT, to learn to celebrate success  , but lets not get the astrologers into the picture and  make them decide when the salary should be paid, when we should make the first code commit and etc ;)

I  had just picked this day to kick off my attempt at 365. The attempt would be to make a daily blog post for the next 365 (I wish). Preferably with a picture. If anyone wants to inspire me to do this please place a bet saying that I wouldn't do this! I mean it, please! ;)

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