Thursday, April 5, 2012

ySchool modeling session

For once we have a weekday which is a leave in many countries! So to 'celebrate' that we would do a online requirements modeling session. We would start at 3PM Indian standard time and will go on till we are tired and down, being old limbs I am guessing that it would go on till about 7PM.

The objective is to agree on scope and then to move in to nitty gritty up to the level of forms, attributes and create the wire frames. So when developing we can forget about those complications and develop it.

We had decided to go with bootstrap as the CSS and JS framework. So will try to build the wire frames using that itself. (This is subject to confirmation from the rest of the team )

The tentative plan is to cover the following use cases,

1. School set up and configurations ( 15 mins )
2. Admin features ( 2 hours )
- Student CRUD
- Staff CRUD
- Parent CRUD (?)
- Student parent relationship management (?)
- Class CRUD
- Subject CRUD
- Class student relationship management
- Class teacher management
- class subject management
- student subject management
- Terms management
- Promote students ( better done after confirming marks management from teacher side )
- Manage school wide student notification
- Generate term reports
- manage clubs and societies
- manage teacher club relationship

2. Teacher experience ( 30 mins )
- manage subject social page
- manage club social page
- update student marks
- update student notes
- generate class ranks, subject ranks.
- manage student extra curricula achievements.

3. Student experience ( 30 mins )
- share on club or subject social page
- view school wide notification
- personal online reports
- manage profile ( pic ) (?)

4. Parent experience (?) ( 15 mins )
- View children's reports, achievements.

These are the things that came to my mind. Will add/remove based on feedback. This just a framework to get the ball rolling!

If you are interested to do some contribution to the session/project please drop a mail to sayanthan at
So I could share the detail on how to connect.

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