Saturday, April 7, 2012

Counting light posts

In local exams for failures the grade given is "F". For some weird unknown reason "F" is usually called as "light post" in local dialect,  on second thoughts probably due to the resemblance of the shape of the light post to the  letter F. When I am not studying properly for exams, I had been asked countless times by my mother on how many light posts I had ordered,  to annoy her; I used to reply with a very generous number.

Today I was standing just outside home and gazing at sunset, when my mother came and showed me the light post, I remembered her age old question, but I am too and she didn't ask that and for once I missed not being asked that. Instead she admired the shining light post with the back ground lit with sun set. I didn't do a proper job when she referred light posts to warn me years back and even today when she showed me a post so I could capture it on camera, I failed again. Probably I now agree - Light posts has something to do with failure.

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