Tuesday, May 31, 2011

At least at home

Warning: This post is absolute senseless whining. You can read at your own risk.

You walk to the immigration official and present your passport, he looks at the passport cover and immediately raises an eyebrow. This is a scene which happens to me time and time again. I would have all the needed documents and a clean sheet but still they feel comfortable only after talking to their senior official. Usual question they ask is, he is a passport holder of the following country shall I allow him?

I don't mind getting this special attention abroad knowing that we have over the years accumulated bad coverage and had got into too many immigration related issues.

What is really hard for me to comprehend is why on earth aren't we treated properly at our own ports of entry. In almost all the countries I have been to they give priority to their own countrymen by having separate queues for locals, in Singapore locals can do self clearance, if I am not mistaken -Indonesia has more counters for locals than foreigners, etc. I was just wondering shouldn't we get at least some better treatment at home knowing what we face at other places.

But but we have more bigger issues so I should stop whining and move on and be glad that in recent times I haven't been asked "why are you coming?" when I return to the place I call as home.

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