Friday, May 6, 2011

Getting the ROI - Canon SX20is

I was in need of a camera and was not sure which one to buy. After a fair bit of consultations I decided to buy canon SX 20 IS, which was described as a high end point and shoot camera. It was just out at that time, not much review was there, but I just decided to go for it. I knew it was a bit of a risk, but I went with the brand trust.

- I love the 20X optical zoom, this gives me the opportunity to zoom anything at a distance and I don't have to carry around any lenses to do so.
- Its a point and shoot , so no special maintainace requirements
- Handy video recording which is not bad
- Very easy to use, crystal clear instructions and pre-set modes.
- Good built in flash

- Bulky batteries , but the battery life is good with the right set of rechargeable batteries
- Not a slim camera by point and shoot standard, you cannot take a candid picture without being noticed
- I have not still figured out how to take portrait bokeh pic using this camera, wonder whether if it has that sort of sharpness (all though its possible to take such pics in macro mode)
- No raw format support

Overall I am happy with it, since it has enabled me to take paparazzi pics and make a living out of contributions from people for not releasing those pics :D

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