Monday, May 16, 2011

Batu caves

I do not go to Temples very often, my mother used to try really hard to pursuit me to go to  temples regularly, but now she has given up on it. She now tells me that there would be a time at which I will be going to temples and she will have the last laugh - Time will tell :D.  But there are few temples which I don't wait for anyone to invite me to make a trip. One of it is Batu caves, when I visit Malaysia and if I have a spare day I make it a point to visit it. In recent times it has become even more simpler to get there since they started a train line from KL Sentral which goes right upto Batu Caves.batu cave

I am not sure why I am attracted to it, but its a different type of temple. The large golden coloured Murugan statue is the high light of the place. you can take the steps behind it and reach the main temple which is within a cave. Its a peaceful place where you can find a place for your own self and spend time in contemplation. The monkeys will make sure that they will keep you entertained. They had got used to people and will make it a point to pick things from people.


In the vicinity of it you would find a few more temples and valovar kottam. Valoovar kottam is a nice place with the thirkural painted on the walls and it almost serves like a cultural center. Its a mix of serenity, natural flavour and sense of tranquility which I really like. Probably if I had gone on a festival day I might not be saying this, since I was told when its thaipoosam, the place gets crowded with thousands of devotees. But then usually I am a person who likes to goto any kovil on a non - festive day since the main thing I expect from a temple is its tranquility and Batu caves offers me plenty of it!

aru padai veedu
Aaru padai veedu - ஆறு படை வீடு

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