Thursday, May 19, 2011

Time for Some Feedback

Over the past month I have been posting my jabbering on a daily basis and the unique visitors per day minimum was 5 and the peak was 53. I am not sure how people felt except the specific instances in which people explicitly commented or liked. There were two people who gave me some real feedback.

One was from my greatest critic; all along she makes sure that she criticizes me from top to bottom, left to right. She read this post about “Time to change wedding rituals?” and told me you had wrote that without conceptualizing the idea fully, it’s like a half baked cake,  you should have thought more and made it more a complete version. Then she goes on to explain, you know what Maniratnam has said if you think if there is something that you know that someone else will do it better give it to them without spoiling the idea by trying it yourself (I wonder whether if he really said this). But then she didn’t still tell me whom I should give that to, probably if she is willing I would have definitely given her. ;) Similar sentiment was expressed by another person when I started this blog, when I was warned he would like quality over quantity when I started on 365.

The second critic is a friend who knows jolly well how I behave; He buzzed me and asked, did you eat wadei in train? I was surprised to know that he actually got time to read this sort of musings, last person whom I expected to read it. I replied “No”, and then pat came the reply, “you had become a true Sri Lankan”. I asked “why?” he replied “you are marketing a product you don’t know about”. My defense was that I never commented on the taste but the sales skill, but then I just realized that technically speaking  it can be interpreted as marketing too since I don’t have any disclaimers and then he was using that to pull my leg.:D click here to read here the post

These are people who are capable of keeping me on my heals and they very well know that the type of person I am and that I need to be challenged very often.  For all those folks, who spend your precious time on reading these, please feel free to give feedback, criticize and add things I have missed in the posts, all comments are most appreciated and valued. 

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