Saturday, May 21, 2011

Ella Adventure Day 2

Top of the mini Adams peak,  lied under a tree and listening to the swaying of the leaves and the occasional thunder from far away, while the guys are trying to interpret the folk lore of Ella in their own wildest imaginary terms yours truly is trying to make an attempt to summarize how the day progressed.

We decided to get down from the train at Demodara instead of ella, we reached there by about 6 AM. This allowed us to get a view at the famous railway architectural marvel by the name of the Demodra loop or the railway knot or the railway loop. As the story goes, the train lines from the two ends couldn't be connected to each other since the maximum inclination allowed at that time was smaller than the inclination between the two lines. Apparently when the architects were without a solution in hand a kid has suggested the loop like structure using his turban as an analogy. English architects took the cue from his thought and built this railway loop.

After taking a walk along the loop we decided to take a walk along the railway line crossing another iconic railway architecture by the name of nine arch bridge, supposedly built without concrete and it still stands and then reached Ella by continuing to walk along the railway line, it was a long but nice walk with the scenic up country views with a mix of tea plantations and the pine forests. Then we had a nice view of Ella gap, then a bath at Ravana ella and then hiked to the peak of mini adams peak. Since we have covered all the places we wanted to cover, we are considering the option of taking the night mail train for the return trip to avoid the disappointment of having to stand all the way to Colombo as we have been told that since its a Sunday it will be crowded.

When I return will update the posts with pictures and more details. Will keep you guys posted. Now time for me to doze off while gazing at the sky and the valley at the horizon!

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