Friday, May 13, 2011

Celebrating a Month of Blogging

On the eve of the local new year I kicked off an effort to blog on a daily basis. I had been able to keep the pledge and write blogs on a daily basis for the last 31 days. The project is to do for 365 days. Another 11 months to go. Its not been easy but it has given a new energy and purpose when it comes to learning and having opinion.

It has and it will continue to be a challenge specially since I might be at places without internet access. Where I might have to do the writing but post it later on. Lets see how it will go, but for now I am happy!

Today I need someone to help me in identifying the mountain range show in the below pictures, I took this  picture while flying from Kenya (Nairobi) to Nigeria(Lagos). I think I would have taken these pics about 1 hour from take off.  I am curious since it seemed like a snow cap mountain in Africa.

somewhere between East and Central Africa

somewhere between East and Central Africa

This was taken a few weeks after the Himalayan trip and it just bought back memories of what I saw there.. Check the Himalayan pics and story by clicking here

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