Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Getting the ROI - Kindle

In recent times i bought two electronic goods and I consider them to be worthwhile investments. I guess I had already got the ROI on them. I will write about one today and the next one tomorrow ;)

I was told about amazon's kindle by Harsha. When compared to the other ebook readers and tablets this was far less expensive. Priced at $135, we just decided to give it a try although we haven't seen this in tangible form, we went by the internet reviews and pictures and decided to order three. We got the shipment on time.
Kindles on display


- I love the battery life, once charged It keeps well for 30 days. Thats pretty handy for a traveler like me. I don't have to be looking for a way to charge and get frustrated on long journeys when the device gets discharged.
- All my travelling hours are well spent on reading stuff. Where as earlier, I had to buy a book each time I travel or end up doing anything valuable than to be just gazing at ........
- Its very slim and light weight , only the transfer cable is to be carried around with the device
- Its pleasing to the eye, I think its a good effort to make it give the effect of paper back
- I think I have read more books during the last 8 months than the amount of books I have read over the last 5 years!

- The kindle format files comes up well and resizing works perfect, but PDF reader is not so good. Most time I hold the device in the landscape position and then read PDFs. I couldn't find a reliable tool which can convert a given PDF to kindle format, and preferable it should be free ;)
- Few times I had missed that it doesn't have the back light
- The browser is not the ideal thing if you want to do a quick internet surf, anyway its purpose is not for random browsing.
- I think due to my rough use, diagonal edges just above the screen is showing slight cracks.

Already one person who saw my addiction thought that she should also own one and ordered. I feel that its worth the deal!

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  1. Use Calibre.
    Will make life a lot easier.