Monday, January 2, 2012

The Kolaveri debate

Kolaiveri craze doesn't seem to cease. Now it has triggered a clash of opinions and 'intellectual' discussion about it. AR Rahman has apparently compared it to Macarena and Jai Ho.

Today I bumped in to a Jaffna version of Kolaveri. Its very impressive. I like the lyrics, set up, singing and the video.

Just the day before Vimal on his blog posted a hilarious 'attack' on Kolaveri. I had a good laugh about it.

After reading the posts on blog-sphere, facebook, this song on youtube and twitter. I was thinking about the sentiments being expressed about this song, its meaning and accusations of perverting Tamil language, etc. Guys, give them a break, almost all the 'Tamil' movies, TV stations and radio channels are 'murdering' Tamil, to be honest this song is a bit better. You need to be happy that its an English song which uses a bit of Tamil. Its the English who should be angry for 'killing' the English grammar. Lets just chill a bit and have a good laugh.


  1. Have you seen this remix of it?

    Done by our own Sri Lankan musician


  3. Hi Saayaa,
    So you like that Sullaan's performance in the Kolaveri song :).

    All those negative Comments are coming due to it's popularity. I wonder how it will look like in the film.

  4. @JP yes saw that - But didn't know that it was a Sri Lankan. I thought it was done abroad

    @JK classic

    @Vimal I don't have an issue with the song. Its catchy and I am fascinated by its popularity. I didn't expect it to be a hit. But the recent comments are getting all too serious about a silly song.

  5. This version is too good, the singer's voice is really great but had he pronounced thamizh properly( he sings tamil, tamilan) it would have given 100% justice to the song's lyrics