Tuesday, March 13, 2012

The technology traitors

Paradise is known to be a place which has intelligent politicians. Today we had been advised to stop using all American based products including gmail and google. I think this is one of the best advices even by our standards.

For starters let me try to help you with the full list of technologies we need to boycott from today, facebook, skype, gmail, yahoo, google, twitter, micro processors, iphone, android, hp, dell, intel, AMD, amazon, ebay, youtube. Remember if you are using this even after today that means you are basically a traitor.

Do you want to live with the label that you are a traitor? you don't right? So take the advice.

By the way I am using blogger and other tools like facebook to create awareness among the masses and that's the only reason I am continuing to use technologies like blogger! So I am excused.


  1. There is one more reason, event though most in the above list are american brands they are produced in China :) so we are excused.....

  2. I will also spread awareness... therefore will be using them for patriotic purposes!

  3. @sandarenu as long as I know gmail, google, facebook, youtube, android OS, windows OS doesn't have doesn't have production in China, so probably if you are using any of them you cannot be excused :D

    @angel you need to pass a patriotic test to join that elite panel :D