Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Intrinsic value of a person

Have you noticed people who are confident and quiet sure of their own personality, the type of people who would not be scared to do what he believes is right instead of thinking what the others around would think. These are the type of people whom I call as people with intrinsic value.

They might not hold titles that would give you a jitter - they are usually leaders without titles. But their approach and confidence is capable of pursuing the others around them to follow them. For some they would look like mavericks, others would see them as solen headed, but if you look beyond the usual glare of their eccentricity these are the people who could change the world and leave a dent. When it comes to recruitment for a leadership position, always look to see whether if the person does have an intrinsic value! That's rule number one, all the rest is second.
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  1. Sayanthan ..

    Its hard to find a leader during the recruitment process ... Lot of people now know how to fake this leadership stuff .. They read all those articles, books and watch videos .. They know how big leaders acted crazily .. They tempt to quote it during their conversation .. I have been fooled by many on this .. and I have fooled many others too!!!

    You just gotta be luck I guess its chance and gamble ..

  2. JK I had also done this quoting from books for a long time to fake, but with time I know that people who are better than me can easily pick in what stage of maturity I am in. Its actually the incapability of the person doing the evaluation.