Saturday, March 17, 2012

On Hantana peak

I should be ashamed to say that I had not hiked to Hantana after being so long in Kandy. Anyway no longer anyone could laugh at me for this!

Today we did a hike and the weather gods for some reason decided to be kind to us. We went around following the arrows all along the way. Made a wrong turn and eventually ended up at a peak on the mahakanda end. From their onwards went through to the other peaks and finally to the Hantana peak. As a hiking experience it was a nice experience to go through a diversified set of landscapes including pine trees, grass lands, rock climbing, finally a dirt track too.

I would say it was more the journey than the destination that matters on the case of hantana. No wonder all the new comers to pera are taken here, your guess is good as mine. Let me put up photos in following posts.

Now all I need is a good wash, a packet of vintogeno and sleep!
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