Wednesday, March 7, 2012

The seat next to the lady

Last Sunday night when I was returning from Jaffna although I booked for a non-AC bus, it turned out to be a bus with AC system and the guys opted to switch it on and off whenever they felt they needed some AC.

Unfortunately for me the AC tank above my seat was leaking and water was dripping from it. So I went up to the conductor and told him the situation. He asked my seat number and then said, yes it leaks above that seat. So I requested to do something for me, he came and wiped the water and went off. After a few minutes it was leaking again. Now I was left without an option but to go again tell him. He came and wiped again and said it wouldn't leak again. Technically there was no way in which this can stop by wiping it out, but he still insisted the same. So this time I decided to go and ask him for another seat. He said no free seats are available. Then when I was returning I observed that there was an empty seat. So I went and inquired from him, that was an empty seat and whether I can take it. He said, its a ladies seat! I asked him what is the difference in a ladies seat?

He said, no men are allowed to sit next to an unknown lady. I was so annoyed, first they had booked in a leaking seat unknowingly and then when there is an empty seat I am being asked to sit in a seat where I get soaked in water. I was seriously mad about it, I had taken even Dubai based emirates airlines and have even had unknown muslim ladies in the next seat, but here even when a seat is damaged a free seat cannot be taken next to a lady!