Saturday, March 31, 2012

Kandukondaen kandukondaen - Movie

For some weird reason although I had been listening the songs of the film Kandukondaen kandukondaen on a daily basis, till today I haven't watched the film. Better late than never so I watched it today. The opening scene of the movie, could have been easily made in to something else, but the director chose to have a totally unnecessary and confused message.

Leaving that out scene I think the rest of the movie was good. Unlike in most Tamil movies this movie had a clan of big names in it, but strangely for me the main and memorable role was played by Tabu. Her acting was a cut above the rest. While the others at times over acted, her acting was just perfect and she was the soul of the movie. I know for Aishwarya rai fans, they would just sit and watch her screen presence itself, but for me she was not the heroine of the movie.

The movie has some of the all time great compositions of AR Rahman. The cinematography adds perfect colour and at large the movie is a treat to the eyes and ears. I am sure that the songs of the movie would continue to re-play on my devices for a long time to come! I shouldn't have missed this movie for so long if you haven't watched it believe me its worth watching.


  1. Its an all time classic Sayanthan ... Adapted from the movie/book "Sense and Sensibility" .. The English version is also good. This is Rajivmenan movie, one of my favorite all time number, and personally (many occasions I mentioned it), A R Rahman's best album todate!

    1. Yes JK its a nice movie. I like it except for Aishwarya's over acting

    2. I don't think she is over acting .. her role is a literature fanatic, egoistic, "I know all" .. a bit of a bluff too .. so she fits into that mould! but its subjective to how you view that character..