Saturday, March 10, 2012

Its after 25 years...

The only time I remember a results for the big match was during the Murali and Kalpage era, when I was in Junior school, we lost the match before lunch on the second day. Rest of the matches were all draws. During my school days I had come to the conclusion that big match having outright wins were a thing of the past and a draws were the norm and the biggest achievement was to seize first innings victories.

In recent years all of a sudden Trinity teams performances has always raised hope that "this year" we would break the hoodoo, but we had been agonizingly close but still far. So today thanks to I was following the match and again the boys raised hope, during the follow on the Anthonian score board was reading 26/5 by 2 PM. Felt as if we would be home in time for tea. But when it comes to a crunch game like this these boys pull out stellar performances and Anthonian tail was putting up a nerve wrecking rear guard action. At about 4.30 PM Trinity broke the 7th wicket stand followed it up with another wicket. The time and scores were ticking. The guys were rushing through the over so that they had gone above the mandatory number of overs already. Anthonians were playing for time. They had cut down the follow on deficit to a Solitary run and the time was already 4.47 PM, if they had scored another run that would have made mandatory for Trinity to bat again, which effectively would have made the match draw since the turn around time for the innings was 10 minutes and by that time the clock would have ticked over 5 PM.

Just at the moment when I was left without any more nails in my fingers they took out the final wicket right at 4.50 to register a historic win by an innings and ONE run. It couldn't have been tighter than this. The boys had a super finale to an excellent season by registering the 11th outright win of the season. Spare a thought to the Anthonian tail, they did fight hard and grinded the bowlers. There was this 9th wicket batsman who was left not out without scoring a single run but he has faced 52 deliveries.

This is one of the all time greatest sports teams produced by Trinity. People speak about 56 rugby team and 87 rugby and today 2012 cricket team had joined the ivy league.

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