Thursday, March 1, 2012

Yarl IT Hub on blogsphere

With the announcement of the inaugural meet up of YIT meet up. There has been a few blog posts appearing about it. I am listing the links to some of the stuff I had come across.

One of the posts was from one Sri Lanka's best known blogger Indi's post on the meet up click here to read. It had some encouraging words and gives a lot of hope to what we are trying to do.

Next one was from the lady whom I call as "உணர்ச்சி கவிதாயினி  Gowri" - her piece of writing was really cool idea comparing this meet up with Homebrew Computer club's first event. Along with some satire ( I hope that its satire ). click here to read

Next of course is the piece brilliance from JK. Day before yesterday I got a mail saying, I am writing an interview with you - (all this time I had only heard I am doing an interview with people). Then today I get another mail, Thanks for your interview and please find your interview published here. The catch is that there was no communication between these two events. When reading this supposedly my interview, I find that its a type of thing I could have only done in my wildest of dreams to have given such an entertaining but informative interview. So let me live with it ;)

Along with this there will be a live stream of the event and live tweeting on @yarlithub the event tag is #yitmeetup. Do join us as we try to place our first step towards our shared dream of making Yarl the next Silicon Valley!

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