Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Vaagai sooda vaa - movie

Totally randomly I got to watch the movie vaagai sooda vaa. Although I was not in a mood to watch a movie at that time, the script was good enough to keep me engaged. It was a nice period film ( I guess set in the 50s - 60s ). The sets the effects and the story line were simple but effective.

The movie didn't have much suspense or thrill, it was more a nice portrait of a poor village in 60s. The message was compelling and the film indeed lot of justice to the message that it wanted to convey - that was to eliminate child workers. Although from a movie perspective it lacked the little bit of spice to it. Could have been a bit more enthralling perhaps. Now this was the opinion I had about the movie and then today I did a google to read about the movie and surprisingly its a national award winning film. It has won the best Tamil feature film of the year award for 2011.

Now that was a big surprise, I accept I cannot think like a critic, I never thought that it would win such acclaim, but then when I watched "who wants to be a millionaire"  I never imagined that it would sweep all the Oscars.

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