Tuesday, March 6, 2012

YIT meet up - Cloud Computing - Part 3

After all the entertainment the last segment of the meet up was an erudite panel discussing about cloud computing. Vimal set up the stage for the cloud computing discussion by explaining cloud computing in laymen terms. He took the case of the system crash during cricket world cup finals ticket sales. Then explained why they should have taken the cloud computing route instead of buying hardware which will be used once in four years.

Then Sarves, who is a lecturer from the University of Jaffna moderated a panel discussion with Dr. Charles and JK, connecting from Australia. Unfortunately Uthaya couldn't join in from US, since a tornado ripped the telephone lines off. The discussion was informative and JK's point on the evolution of computers and why today is the time for cloud computing was an interesting observation.

Then they summed up by discussing how cloud computing will be useful for the students and how they could and should reap its benefit. With that the inaugural session of YIT came to a happy ending!

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  1. I enjoyed the panel discussion ... I think I should have been bit slower but Sarves was rushing me .. anyway happy to do such sessions in future .. even lectures remotely to institutes over there!