Thursday, March 29, 2012

Google's initiatives

The internet giant seems to be doing some impressive work. They might have been doing these for some time but I got to know them just today. Today I started off the day by reading about the tech city campus set up in UK by Google. It just the type of set up we dream about in having in Jaffna. But seems like Google has 'gifted' it to England in its own pursuit to become another Silicon Valley.

That, I read in the morning and then in the evening when I was reading "Thursday report" by JK, I came across!home. A project by Google to build a digital archive for Nelson Mandela. A really good initiative for a great personality!

While I was at school, we got a new school archive. It was a great concept and it became almost like a sacred place where years of school tradition were in display. For old boys entering the room itself used to bring moisture to their eyes.  Inspired by this physical archive, when I was handling the College web site I tried to initiate a virtual archive of Trinity College, it didn't materialize but when I saw this google project I was just thinking - if ever its to be created it should be classy as this!

Probably a archive or online digital archive management system is a good open source project for people to work on!

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