Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Culture the most perverted term

There are some men who are capable of making more sense while being drunk, than at other times. There is a friend of mine who would wax eloquence in flawless English while drunk, but when not drunk..hmmm..I guess I shouldn't tell about that standard in public, but your guess is right. Similarly recently I came across this video clip of Kamal Hassan's interview in youtube. His sarcastic explanation of the culture is hilarious and does have a deeper meaning. He speaks about his film and then explains how the Tamil culture is exploited. Generally speaking I think his explanation applies to any community which is overly insisting on culture.

To loosely translate some extracts from his recording , "Culture is an important thing because it keeps on changing every five years like the politicians. Hence its important to safe guards the culture. Fifty years back if a widow got married it was considered taboo, before hundred years they would have killed her, that's called as culture, so observe the change it goes through and it is supposed to be our duty to safe guard this! Then the English men came and introduced tops before that our people were top less, so now which one is the culture? We cannot go back to our old culture too. I am fully confused!"

you can view the whole video below,

In reality culture is a variable while  we blindly imagine it as a constant and waste all our energy to make it a constant! That's probably the most important piece of wisdom I found in this video.

For me this term culture is simply the most perverted term in the dictionary. Its an opportunistic tool which people embrace  when they want, try to force it on to others and most importantly they let it go when they don't need, but still expect others to live the culture!

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