Friday, July 1, 2011

Birth of another tool to waste time

Above was my first post on Google+ and eventually I earned the wrath of a few of my friends. Being a fan of technology I am more than happy to experience any new product that comes out but now I do have a reservation for social networks as a concept and nothing particularly against google+ or facebook.

Looking at the product my initial impression is that Google+ seems to have laid down a platform where merry making will now happen at two different sites for the foreseeable future. The lines are not clear but by looking at the way things stand today the facebook and Google seems to have decided to have a major show down in this market segment! unlike the introduction of buzz or wave seems as of Google finally has a platform through which it will really step into this market.

Reading the initial comments being posted by friends I see mixed reviews, but a large segment of past facebook addicts seems to be gladly embracing Google+. Specially I see them enjoying the option to post to specific circles. I guess facebook has now grown to such level and you have too many people including parents, teachers, strangers, etc and posting to groups is not straight forward and people had become reluctant to make posts at will. So they see Google+ feature as a blessing. On the other hand I see another few who are severely critical about it and call it a facebook copy!

But for what worries me is whether this new took will also start eating my time. As I see it, social networks has many positives like enabling people to keep in contact, find long lost friends, getting to know the most happening things, establishing new relationships etc. But this comes at a cost and the main cost being our time. I know some people who are totally addicted to it and suffer from withdrawal symptoms when they are cut off from it or when they don't update their status. Just imagine they now being hooked to two different sites, god bless them and the companies they work for!

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