Tuesday, July 26, 2011


The whole of today I had been utterly confused, when I was eating my mind was going through the same thought process, when I tried to sit down and write a blog again the same thought was crossing my mind. Its a huge internal battle between the metabolism in the system, its nothing less than a battle between the heart and the mind. Heart pulls in one direction and mind right in the opposite direction. The question is should I or shouldn't I buy a DSLR.

I already have a good point and shoot camera, in the recent times I get these thoughts,  its sharpness is not enough, I want to play a bit more with the RAW images and I had peaked with a point and shoot and its time to try the next level. Not forgetting that what I have is a good camera and I really like the zoom, which I doubt I can ever pay and buy a lens with that capability on DSLR. I was warned by  some pro's when I wanted to buy this point and shoot that I will get this syndrome after some time.

I am still not sure whether I will buy one or not, but the only conclusion that I have arrived at is that "mind is a monkey". Now I want to get this confusion out of my mind so that tomorrow will be a clear day!

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