Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Facebook taken over by another Generation

Facebook was earlier a tool where I had only a very close set of friends. Its main purpose was to have light hearted banter. That's the time I enjoyed it, any comment was put up, nothing was held back, there was no senior supervision and the youngsters were making merry. It was absolutely impossible for me to even visualize anything official about facebook and a statement made on facebook was something I would equal to a intoxicated drunkards blabbering.

Then slowly relatives, teachers and little known people all were added in but still at times the old habits took over and at times over the top banter continued, only to brought into the senses when you get a call with some concerned adult supervisor asking "whats that thing you had put up one facebook?" or a question like "is that guy N your friend, he sounds so bad!". Once bitten twice shy, but many times bitten either you are no more shy or you become muted, I took the second option.

Now I had become more an on looker and gaze with awe how a different generation has taken over facebook. Now they talk about decorum, making posts official, groups being official, defamation, etc. Being a early adopter of facebook its still hard for me to digest the fact that how the environment in facebook is transforming into and all the regulations being introduced by the late majority and the laggards and killing the very spirit of what kept me going in facebook. I hope no one gets me wrong on this, if you do, think I am sorry I cannot still help you!

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