Thursday, July 21, 2011

Ordering of my favorite Tamil songs about Mother

1. Simply my most favorite song! Great lyrics, music and singing together, make it a divine experience for the listener! If I am given one song to listen before I die I would definitely pick this song.

2. I like the lyrics of this song and the emotions expressed by Rahman in the song.

3. An all time classic. Simply amazing.

4. A classic song from one of the best psycho thriller movies in Tamil.

5. A soulful song.

6. A joyous celebration of mother

My sincere thanks to my friend for unknowingly helping me to pick and give me the songs so I can do the choosing and ranking!


  1. Hope u have missed Neeye Neeye song from M Kumaran Son of MahaLakshmi.I like so much the first part of the movie only for mom $ son.
    Anyways this is a nice collection :)

  2. For some reason its not a song I like, my friend listed that song too and insisted that it is a good song. probably I should listen to it again and see!

  3. Oh really ? I'm wondering what could be the reason behind... Have you watch that movie before? If you watch then this song may mean much better :)