Friday, July 22, 2011

A Century!

If you assumed that I will talk about a century scored in cricket, sorry you've got it wrong. This century is to do with me, hence it cannot be any major accomplishment like a century in a cricket match or the score for an exam paper. Its just that I had continued my idiotic rantings on this blog for the past 99 days and this is the 100th day on the trot.

I was curious to find out the pattern of visitors and whether the Pareto principle will apply or whether if the long tail will apply. As it stands now, the top twenty posts (thats 20% too, in terms of visits ) had generated only 31% of the total traffic. It would be interesting to see how this pattern will change with time and whether the visitor pattern will eventually lean towards Pareto principle . Any way, as of now, the larger part of the population lies within the tail of the graph, hence it might be safe to say that the blog has had a small set of regular visitors.

The biggest mystery I have is why people from 57 countries paid a visit to this blog during this period,  I do understand the plight of my friends, for them of course this has been a real pain where the post regularly turns up on the buzz, sometimes on facebook and even on twitter at times. But then why on earth did others end up from countries in which I do not have friends?!. Anyway my heartfelt thanks for those who had paid a visit and specially for those who had given comments and feedback. Last but not least I tender an unconditional apology if I had wasted your time! Have a great weekend!

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