Saturday, July 9, 2011

Bus Hypothesis - Feedback

The two posts that I made regarding the Bus hypothesis has attracted a mixed bag of feedback. One introvert screamed at me and said  - "Nonsense! There is a rule in Sri Lanka which says that you need to always get in to the bus from the back door, that's the reason I do that. Remember that you do not have enough experience travelling in Sri Lankan buses to derive such hypothesis"!  Wonder where this rule is written and whether having bus as the primary mode of transport through out my life doesn't qualify as "experience".

Another two confessed that they are indeed extreme introverts and extroverts respectively and the choice might have been due to how they had grown up. I had to explain to the introvert that there is nothing wrong in being an introvert or extrovert and I was just trying to test my hypothesis.

Another two on buzz announced that they are not convinced,

Harsha said,  "If it was a party or a social gathering instead of a bus I would have agreed with you. I can agree with the basic logic behind this, still not convinced."

Jason said, "I chose a door just for the convenience. on top of that you stated that both door are equally crowded, I chose the backdoor because its easy to get the ticket. I did not consider anything else. Not convinced." 

Out of all the feedback what I liked most was the comment from Harsha, "I like the observational and behavioral psychology aspect of the post and sense Malcolm Galdwell's influence". I take this as an absolute complement and I am indeed a self confessed fan of Malcolm Galdwell and my favorite past time is to recommend people to read his books.

All in all for a few I can clearly see that I have touched a sensitive nerve point and make them think twice about a decision they usually make with their subconscious mind. No hard feelings, Good Luck, Be Good and Keep Smiling!
The Tipping Point: How Little Things Can Make a Big Difference

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