Sunday, July 31, 2011

Picking the right battles

There was a certain role I was asked to take up as a matter of fire fighting. It was not a role originally expected out of me, not my strength but at that point of time it was a circumspect decision. I managed to contribute to extinguish the fire and people expected me to continue but I quit. Its true that I quit half disappointed that certain things should be better done and we are doing it wrong. A person told me if it was him he wouldn't have quit but would have fought for the cause till everything was rectified. I just smiled, never answered and let him think that I had chickened out. I let my ego take a back seat.

In another few instances while certain issues were going on I opted to keep quiet. Being a very vocal person and all of a sudden being silent on certain things puzzles the other people. Some understand after ages but the others never understand the reason behind the silence.

This realization is something I got out of reading the art of war. A great general will carefully avoid battles than fighting them all, he would pick the battles which are worth being fought for. Every battle fought depletes the resources. In life too time is limited, they deplete your emmotional stocks, you cannot fight every battle/cause that you come accross, you need to pick them as per priority and be coherent with the lifes objective. Hence its ok to be rated as a "loser" in one persons book while you are fighting the one worth to be fought. In life too it doesn't count how many battles you won but what matters is whether you win the war.

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