Wednesday, July 27, 2011

The Nameless film

It was one of those busy days where I had to train people from morning till evening. I was feeling burnt out and the only thing I wanted to do as soon as I retreated to the hotel was to sleep. Since I was alone and no one around to speak with, I switched on the TV and then started to prepare for the next day. Although I sometimes switch on the TV, I am not a fan of TV so I seldom notice whats on it and never bother to switch channels.

Soon after I completed the preparation I fell on the bed with a lot of relief and for some reason on this strange day, the program on TV attracted my attention. First I got attracted to it since I saw a familiar hindi face on an English language film. But my knowledge about Hindi actors and actresses was poor so I didn't know the name of the actress, but I can remember seeing her face in the movie "kadal desam" . I watched for a few mins and for some reason I couldn't switch it off and sleep. It was very different and the developing story line was captivating my mind.

Being a child who have had the identity crisis at a certain point of time in life the main character Gogols struggle was something I could understand. His mothers sentiments were the things I had seen from a lot of elders around me. I could connect each thing that was going on with either my life or of the life of someone whom I know well. It was strange, it gave an eerie feeling, I couldnt stop thinking how did someone capture this delicate issue in such a script, unless the writer had lived through it he or she couldn't have come up with this. As time progressed I was sure that its a master piece, given the context and mind set I was in it was a brilliant movie. But I had an issue and a really big one, I watched a movie, liked it to bits, but i do not know the name of a movie. Believe me its a such a bad feeling.I depended on  Google to find me the name of the nameless film by searching the phrase "Gogol film" to be told that its "The Namesake"! The casting list said the actress whom I had seen before was Tabu. Then after a few month's my friend made a post about the Novel "Namesake" and that was the point at which I got to know that it was a movie adopted from a novel.

Now I go around telling people who are going through or had gone through similar struggles to watch the movie! Seriously its mind blowing and beautiful! Watch the trailer below.

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