Friday, July 8, 2011

Bus Hypothesis - Conclusion

In my last blog post I wrote about the question that I am asking people these days. The question I asked was,
Imagine that you are at a typical Sri Lankan bus stand and the bus that you are waiting for comes and stops right in front of you. The bus is positioned in such way that the front door and the back door are within equal distance from you. If you go by your natural instincts to which door will you head to?  ( assume that all the seats in bus are already taken and both doors are equally congested. )

By the answer given I can tell with a great level of confidence whether the person is an introvert or an extrovert.  Assume a scale of 0 - 100, where 0 means a full introvert and 100 means a full extrovert.

A almost ideal introvert would typically say - I will always get in from the back door, even when the back door is congested.

On the other extreme extrovert would say - I will always get in from the front door even when the front door is congested. One extrovert explained to me that he would always make sure he gets in from the front door and would always get down from the back door so that everyone in the bus gets to see him!

Then we have the fuzzy classification, this is to select people who fall into 30 to 70 percentile, that's the moderate introverts and the moderate extroverts. These people wouldn't give you a right answer on the first go, they would explain that they will consider the congestion, seats, girls etc. When you probe a bit more they would tell you one of the doors. If they pick the front door usually they are moderate extroverts and if they pick the back door they are usually moderate introverts.  Then there are very few who say that its totally random, this kind of people are what you call as "wire" cases! LOL

Did I get you right on this? How accurate was this analysis on you? Do let me know!


  1. hightly left brained introvent, i am

  2. Me enters bus thru Front door and exits thru front door. So that the driver sees me and doesn't suddenly hit the gas.


  3. I will not try to get in on either side if the bus is full and will get in from the side that is easiest to enter from. Now what does that make me?

  4. @Neelaka I knew that you were left brained, but never knew you fall into highly introvert category!

    @Welcome to Boredom - I guess you are a Extrovert?! :P

    @Patta pal As per my observation I think you don't fall into either extreme