Sunday, July 24, 2011

Manthira punnagai

For the last seven years I think I have watched almost all the major Tamil movies released. My taste of movies had always been distinctly different. At times I like the movies others don't like and hate movies which others like. So this is an early warning for those who might depend on my comments to make the choice to watch the movie. Do it at your own risk!

One of the movies that impressed me during the last twelve months was "Manthira punnagai". It was a total surprise package for me. When you sit down to watch a movie usually you have some sort of expectation based on who had directed or who is acting. This was a movie I had zero expectation at the start, but it was surprisingly impressive! It was a movie without the usual big names but it had a good story line touching, some delicate issues with an impressive script.

I saw it as a psycho thriller, but most importantly I saw it as a movie which deviated from usual Tamil dialogues, I know some argue that the dialogues were too raw, but for me I have no complains - it was classic!  As usual the only complain I had when watching this film was that I couldn't stop thinking "why do they forcefully include songs in the films?", but one song and its lyrics made perfect sense with the film - It was the song "satta sada sada".  I see it as a one of a kind film in Tamil and is worth watching. watch the trailer below!


  1. Hope this a late comment. At my own risk i have watched the movie ;) . It's really touching and i felt a different story i have watched after the movie "Ammuvagiya Naan". Thanks for this post :)