Sunday, August 21, 2011


Last week it was the my turn to meet the Lions, this week it was the Hippo's turn. Both these creatures are known to be brave, as per the Zulu's Hippos are even braver than the lions. Probably because of the better looks, the lions are more popular in folk lore than the hippos.

Seeing these man eaters in wild gives me a childish  excitement (but then I am a child so I should be getting that excitement). Yesterday we took a boat ride along the Naivasha Lake in Kenya, it took us to the close proximity of the herds of hippos. They put up quite a good exhibition, some carrying the young ones on the back while swimming,  some doing summersaults in the water but ending up with a huge thud and others were making a noise which was very similar to a babies cry.

The seated on a tree and watching the exhibition is a fishing eagle.

herd of hippos
A herd at work

on the back
get off my back

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