Tuesday, August 23, 2011

The Hell's Gate

The place, currently is a pleasant environment, although its still called as the Hell's gate. Some say that it has been named as hell's gate since it had some connection with slavery. It is one of the rare national parks where you are allowed to take a bike ride or even a walk. After reading a few reviews which said it has predators I was wondering when walking around what would happen if a lions or cheetah jumps in for a surprise, but after getting their and seeing so many people being on foot made me realize that sightings of predators in this park is very rare.


The Caves

The caves at the Hell's gate national park, Naivasha, Kenya as I mentioned on another blog kept on reminding me the film 127. The landscapes and the formation was something similar to the Grand Canyon pictures I have seen, I might be completely wrong since I have never been to the Grand Canyon.

hell's cavethe curves

The landscapes

It has a beautiful variation of landscapes and taking a drive along the Savannah and taking a walk among the antelopes and zebra's is fun.



The place is also home to extinct volcanoes but still the products of it our largely visible, including hot springs, lava rocks and of course the extinct volcanoes.


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