Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Never ever believe technology

Technology has this peculiar ability to fail you at crucial times. Today I came back to the apartment with 1001 plans. I wanted to make a few calls, write a blog comparing two pictures and most importantly was planning to prepare for two important meetings.

I happily came back switched on the computer connected to internet and was about to make my call. There was an electricity outage. I was a bit worried that I might get late a bit, but I expected it to be a small hic up.

After two flashes the electricty "arrived" and I was delighted. But the delight was short lived. The wifi was not working :( the power with it had taken the wifi network. Still I had hope, I have a dongle. I connect and check the balance to see that it has touched zero :( worst part is that, I was actually reminded by the lady who sells top up in the morning, that I might be running out of credit, I told her "not really I have 200 bucks and will come after I use that up". Now the fail over plan is also screwed. Now I have only one option that is to ride my luck tommorow!
Hope that lady luck is with me.

Lesson learnt - never depend on technology and don't leave things for the last moment depending on it.
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