Saturday, August 27, 2011

The Royal story

We came to treetops and I was told that my room number was SB and Harsha's one was SA. His was on the 2nd floor and I was told that I need to go one floor above. I walked around the floor and couldn't find a door marked as SB. I was more interested about picture taking hence forgot about the room and went to the roof top.

After some time when Harsha inquired something about the room I remembered that I have not sorted it out. So I went and told the staff I cannot find SB. They replied, so you are the King, I replied no I am Sayanthan. All of them laughed and said you are going to stay at the queens suite so you are the King. I was still clue less, then they took me to the room marked as queen Elizabeth suite and explained to me the history of the place. Apparently its at the old tree top which is about 100 meters away from here where then princess was on Holiday when she descended to the thorn. The room I had been given, I was told is the one in which she had stayed during her visit in 1982 and hence named as her suite.

I am not a fan of Royals and monarchy, but one thing that still fascinates me and fascination increases the more I travel is on how they managed to rule the half the planet with such a small number of people from a relatively small country. Its something which I had not been able to understand or interpret. Right now I am not worried about the nostalgia about the room I am typing this from but happy for the splendid views I am having right in front of my eyes.

Plus I have just returned from a game drive at which too we were lucky. I would write and post pictures of what happened there during the next few days. Keep reading!

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